February 10th, 2008

twin peaks - happy laura

Sam/Jess manipulation "The Memory Remains

I made this manipulation for "The Great Divide" challenge at Buffy Forums.  I love the Jess and Sam relationship even though it only lasted about five minutes on screen.  I wanted to show in this manipulation that her memory still remains in Sam's mind although she is never brought up anymore in the show.  Hence, his face being turned from her.

Title: The Memory Remains
Cast: Sam and Jess
Words: Metallica
twin peaks - happy laura

Yet another of my infamous icon posts...

Cuz what else do I do on these cold winter weekends?

I would like to mention that, much like many others, I am getting REALLY aggravated with the CW and their constant huge watermark of the new Pussycat Dolls show promo.  It's fine if it's on for a bit, but to have it over an ENTIRE show?  I could have done SO many more icons of the new Supernatural episode and a bunch of animated ones, but I would rather wait for the DVD to make those so they look nicer.  Oh, and I now have this love/hate thing going with Bela cuz of what she did in the episode (at the end), but good lord, she looked BEAUTIFUL in that episode!

The rest of these are from the Buffy season three episode Enemies (hello, Buffy/Faith lovers!) and some various X-Files.

All icons are sharable.
Textless icons are not bases.
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1-36: Supernatural - Dream a Little Dream of Me
37-78: Buffy - Enemies
79-100: X-Files - Various


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