February 17th, 2008

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Sisters: Chapter Two

Well, now that I'm finally back into this story, they're won't be these MASSIVE gaps in between posts.

Title: Sisters: Chapter 2

Previous chapters can be read here or on my LiveJournal, of course.

Author: Lady Manson

Email: mountdoom@comcast.net

Story Overall Rating: R for language, violence, and sexual situations

Disclaimer: All characters, settings, and anything else included in the Buffyverse does not belong to me. All rights to these belong to Joss Whedon,
Mutant Enemy, Fox, and others I have failed to mention. This is not in anyway an intent to infringe on copyright.

The actual story and putting together of all of this stuff in this way is my creation, so I ask that you not steal it and claim it as your own work. Thank you very much. Feedback in both the form of comments and constructive criticism is both welcome and appreciated. Negative feedback and general trolling is not and will be deleted immediately, so please do not waste your time or mine.

Distribution: Please do not distribute anywhere without first contacting me.

Pairing: Dawn/Angel


Warnings: Language

Feedback: I love it, so please send some! Only positive and constructive criticism please!

Note about time: This is kind of a mixed up story timewise. I can't say it takes time in any particular season because that wouldn't make any sense. So, I have all the Season Five characters in here as far as the Scoobies go. Joyce is still alive and Angel never went to LA. Dawn is older by a year than she was in the show. I think that's it. It is a completely made up time by me. Bear that in mind and you won't get confused. It doesn't follow the show at all.

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twin peaks - happy laura

Supernatural wallpaper tutorial

All right, I have been asked about this for about a thousand years, so I might as well post one of these for those who are curious.

Here is the tutorial to create the following wallpaper:

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Enjoy!  Also, if anyone knows of any places I can post this, let me know, as I only have one place and I know people like tutorials!

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