October 25th, 2008

spn - maddie werewolf

Done with it all

I have seriously lost my desire to do any art or anything anymore because of these damn thieves.  It's getting really aggravating.  Especially when people like this not only steal my stuff and post it without asking, but then resort to putting their name on it under the Exclusive section of the site like it's their own stuff.

My stolen wall: http://gallery.twilightersanonymous.com/displayimage.php?album=46&pos=21

I really don't even care that I'm posting a site up here now. If they are going to swipe people's stuff, not only mine, but several other great artists and claim it as their own, then fuck them.  They deserve it.  I emailed them and very politely asked for them not to take my things, explaining that I worked very hard on them, etc.  It's really uncool and now I just can't even bring myself to post anything anymore.

If I do post anything, I can't post to lion_lamb anymore because, unfortunately, that is where a lot of people are grabbing stuff.  Which sucks because it's also a place where I get a lot of viewers.  GOOD viewers.  And I love doing art of Twilight, which now I feel I cannot do art of anymore because of crap like this.
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