January 24th, 2009

twin peaks - happy laura

Bad Public Decision...

Okay, every now and then I'll make school post cuz I need some help!
We have to write a paper based on a bad decision that was published.  I am doing a business degree, but it doesn't have to business related.  It can be completely related to it like the Enron scam or it can be something like launching Apollo 11.  Those are a few examples from the book.  Does anyone have any they can think of?  My brain is totally halted and I need to do a week's worth of work this weekend cuz this is close week at work.
Thanks for any help you can give me!!!

I am doing my paper on the non-release of Midnight Sun.  If you would like to voice your input for data collection, PLEASE COMMENT AT MY NEW ENTRY IN THIS LINK!!!!
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twin peaks - happy laura

Sam & Jess/Jared & Adrianne Manipulations

I had too much fun doing the crossover manips that I was beginning to wonder why I hadn't done any Sam and Jess ones yet.  So here are a couple.  And yes, Jared's head IS that huge in that second photo.  It was tough to manip around, but it's how it was, so I kept it that way.

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See full size here...

See full size here...

Buffy - willow computer geek

Need some Photoshop help...

So I was going to make something with lots of lyrics on Photoshop.  What I wanted to do had me typing a certain amount of text, then hitting 'enter' to go to the next line, but when I hit 'enter', it stays on the same line.  I tried copying and pasting lyrics and it ended up looking like this:

Does anyone know how to fix this????  I can't do anything, it's making me nuts.  Thanks so much!

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