February 22nd, 2009

twin peaks - happy laura

Crossovers and icon requests for people...

I did another Jensen/Eliza manip this weekend cuz I found these new photos of her and couldn't help but use them.  I LOVE her outfit in this one, it's so pretty.  I had some people ask me if I would be doing some icons after the last manip post and I had some time over the weekend, so I made some.  Bear in mind that the last one is an older icon, but I hate having uneven tables.  I'm funny that way.  Feel free to use them and enjoy!

1 Jensen/Eliza manipulation
12 icons

Do not edit any of these graphics.
Please do not repost without my permission.
Please do not repost to Fanpop or other groups without my permission.
Please comment and credit; comments make me happy!
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twin peaks - happy laura

Robert Pattinson and Mickey Rourke....

Did anyone else seeing Edward sitting right behind Mickey Rourke at the Oscars???  Oh, I was laughing my ass off.  I want to make an icon of that so bad.  I'm still sad Mickey didn't get the Oscar.  Sean Penn was great, but Mickey really should have had it this time around.
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