March 29th, 2009


New Red Hair

My hair is red again!!!!  I wanted to show it off.  We went to go see "Rent" last night, so I got all dressed up and we took pictures before we left.  Then after the show we had to go do something more our speed, so we went to our friend's gentlemen's club and partied until 3 am.  Good times!

Tiny little teaser:

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Supernatural Wall - aka: present for Kezzie

I needed to do some Supernatural art anyway and isthataquestion  asked if I could do one for her.  Unfortunately, this doesn't have the whole bloodletting, but the lead up to it.  I found these lyrics to fit the situation and it just looked better this way.  There will be plenty more to come from this episode though because I have a LOT I can do from that one.

Do not edit any of these graphics.
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