June 2nd, 2009

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All the deadly sins, plus more...

Okay, here's the deal. Seven of these walls were made for the Seven Deadly Sins challenge at BF. I did five of them and was then reminded that they each had to have the sin written on them somewhere, so some of them have two versions. I have some posted in previous posts, but I wanted to make a post that has all seven. Also listed here are other wallpapers I made over the past week or so. Enjoy!

- 1 Buffy Wallpaper
- 5 Supernatural Wallpapers
- 1 True Blood Wallpaper
- 3 Twilight Wallpapers

Do not edit any of these graphics.
Do not post any of these graphics on FanPop or anywhere else without asking first! I'm nice and just like to know where my stuff is, so just ask.
Please comment and credit; comments make me happy!
More graphics and credits are available at


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