September 10th, 2009

twin peaks - happy laura

Can someone help me since my teacher refuses?

Ugh, I'm so annoyed. Okay, I do online schooling, so if I need to talk to my instructor, it's an email thing. For reference, it's an accelerated school, so each week I do a project. I got a B on my project last week, dragging down my A in the class overall. So I send an email to my teacher today because I am working on my current project and wanted to make sure I did better and was on the right track. I told her that I had read the chat archives and the chapter, but was still unsure. What does she send back to me? "Please read the chat archives for further information". It's not like I am asking for the answers! I simply want to know if I am headed in the right direction or not.

Can anyone help me out with this? I have the questions and answers, I just want to make sure I am using the right calculations and doing this correctly. Thanks for anyone that can help!!!

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