September 23rd, 2009

twin peaks - happy laura's mono...

I went to the doctor yesterday and they did tests.  I have mono.  I've had it before it my life and it is really no fun.  Mostly because you get SO tired.  But apparently the worst part with the fever and all is over.  The virus has attacked my throat though, which is why it hurts so bad now.  The doctor told me that my throat was the worst he had seen in years, which I was like, "Great...".  He gave me these awesome painkillers though that don't tire me out much more and kill the pain in a huge way.  It's lovely.  I had to go home and sleep for five hours yesterday, but I am stronger today.  I think it's cuz I can eat and swallow now.  It doesn't hurt to swallow anymore, which is SO nice.

I keep drinking ginger ale and Diet Coke to kill the pain that the painkiller doesn't get, but I hate it because I rarely drink that stuff.  It gets to my teeth and skin to no extent.  But, hey.  So the doctor said I may be worn down for about another week or two, but my fever is gone and the pain is diminishing.  That's good.  I just lay down at home when I finish my school work.  I have been watching a ton of Hitchcock lately.  Last night I watched Psycho again, which I love, but on Saturday I saw North by Northwest for the first time ever, but fell asleep after the plane in the field scene.  So I have to finish it...
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