December 1st, 2009

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Basically, this is a community celebrating the character of Bella Swan Cullen and anything that surrounds her. I haven't been able to find many places that focus solely on her, more so the guys and ships in the fandom, so here you go.

Membership is moderated just due to a lot of people who join Twilight comms simply to complain.

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twin peaks - happy laura

Writers PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

My husband laughed his ass off when I told him this, which I didn't particularly appreciate, but it was in its own self somewhat funny. And now I will be continuously tormented until I show him that I can write this freaking scene!

Here's the deal. I CANNOT write sex scenes. And by that, I mean normal sex scenes. What constitutes as normal? I'll put it this way. I have been able to write rape scenes and vampire sex scenes and that's it. But regular human sex, whether it's straight, gay, loving, hardcore, WHATEVER THE SITUATION MAY BE, I can't do it. Seriously, the scenes actually write themselves in my head, but I can't get them down on paper, or in this case, Word. So I have these awesome scenes in my head that won't go away, which leads to some seriously fucked up dreams and needs for sex. This is why my husband found this SO funny.

I'm guessing I'm not the only writer who has had this issue because we all have to make that leap from writing PG13 to NC17 material at one point. And I'm sick of dancing around this scene because I have written a ton of the stuff around it. And it can't be a light scene either - the whole thing is really dramatic and insane in nature. I would love to get over this so that I can write them in the future as well with no problem.

Right now I am sitting around feeling like if people are able to read the crazy stuff in my mind, they're going to think bad things of me, but my husband said that I'm just telling a story. They're characters, they're not me. Hell, if they were me, I'd be a doped up rock star chasing ghosts. Who apparently isn't getting laid right now because I won't write it in for her!

I just need some words of encouragment or advice. I know there are a lot of people who write out there no matter what it is. Please bear in mind that this is my own personal fiction, not fanfiction, otherwise I would be more than happy to share to show you what I am dealing with.

Anyone who answers this, I love you already. This is really bugging me!
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