June 13th, 2010

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30 Day Book Meme...

Book Meme - stolen from bre2004 

I'm late to this deal, but I wanted to take part.  I love books!  So here goes.

Best book you read last year

I don't know how many Bret Easton Ellis fans there are on here, but if you're out there, I'd love to talk to you.  I don't have too many friends who like him, but I simply adore him.  This book was one of the best things I have ever read.  You could read it if you have never read any of his work, but you wouldn't get as much out of it.

In short, Bret Easton Ellis throws himself into his work.  The book is dedicated to both his father and his best friend/lover who died the year it was made.  In it, he fictionalizes a life where he is married and the characters he has written come to get him - most notably, Patrick Bateman of his fantastic but highly controversial work, American Psycho.  It also follows up on what happens to Patrick post American Psycho.  For anyone who has read that book, this is a MUST.  At the same time, it shows a side of him I feel has never been expressed in any of his other work, probably due to the loss he experienced while working on it.  It makes me wonder what his new book is going to be like.  Also, he writes in first person in this, which is really different since he is one of those few that always writes in second person.  I read this book in 48 hours.  I couldn't put it down.  EXCELLENT.

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Pretty people...

 Yet another gallery update.  I usually reserve these postings for when I am super bored at work, however, the husband is out of town for the next couple days and I am doing nothing but waiting for the next few episodes of Fringe to download (cuz, FUNNY, someone informed me there were only fourteen episodes in the first season so I have been watching the second season unknowing!).  So now I need to catch up.  It's a boring day.

But here are some pretties for all of you to enjoy.  Please comment, either here or on the site.  I love comments.  They keep me going.  ENJOY!!!!

TV Stills
- Supernatural
- The Tudors

Movie Stills
- Birthday Girl
- Dogville
- Eclipse
- The Grudge
- The Hours
- The Human Stain
- Little Children
- Mean Girls
- The Notebook
- The Reader
- Revolutionary Road
- Splice
- The Virgin Suicides

- Adam Brody
- Adriana Lima
- Alexis Bledel
- Carey Mulligan
- Heath Ledger
- Jonathan Rhys Meyers
- Katy Perry
- Kristen Stewart
- Megan Fox
- Paramore
- Shirley Manson