July 18th, 2010

buffy yawn

Why can't Johnny read? God, that get's old...

I swear, whenever I my husband goes out of town for the weekend, I dread it.  But I always have a nice time because I just am alone and I never have been on my own, having lived with him after leaving my parents' house.  Weekends where you are able to behave, dress, and eat just about any way you want is awesome.  Not that he makes me do anything, but I like to look nice for him and he would get just a touch annoyed if he had to watch King of the Hill all day with me while I did artwork and writing.  Then there's that whole staying up past dawn thing.

Last night was interesting.  We went downtown around nine because we had nothing better to do after dinner and the set time for Hole wasn't until ten.  So I went to this gentlemen's club/super swanky classy strip joint where I know the owner.  This place looks like a mafia place - it's great.  My girlfriend and I ended up staying there for three and a half hours because the owner found out that Courtney Love wasn't going to go onstage until at least midnight.  We left and went to First Ave at midnight only to stand there until quarter to one before she finally wandered up to the stage.  It was an awesome show, so it was worth it.  And I'm on the list at First Ave, so I never pay for anything.  I can't complain with that going on.  We were on the floor which turned into a circle mosh pit when the song Violets started.  Yeah, try moshing in four inch heels with beer and ice all over the floor.  The guy came running at me, so I did the best I could and ran right at him, bounced off him, grabbed my friend, and dragged her over to the other side of the floor.  The show went on until quarter to three and for those of you that know MN, our liquor law dries up at two in the morning.  So it was kind of crazy.

So I slept until about noon today because I didn't get home until four due to the insane construction this site is partaking in.  I've been doing art and a fun new layout at my site today and am now working on a new manuscript about a hitman and a woman who doesn't remember why she hired him.  It's more interesting than I make it sound.  My puppies around sound asleep next to me and two of the cats (Angel and Drusilla) refuse to sit on the bed.  So here I sit, wide awake, writing and watching King of the Hill on Netflix as background noise.    

Okay, enough of my boring real life rant.  I needed to talk to somebody, lol...
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