October 29th, 2010

Buffy - tara day sunnydale died

Blot Out the Sun - An Evil Willow Fanmix

Medium: TV
Subject: Evil Willow
Title: Blot Out the Sun
Warnings: Some naughty language!
Notes: A collaberation between myself and niki1988 . Includes artists such as Full Blown Rose, Marilyn Manson, AFI, The Rolling Stones, and more. Also, PLEASE do not point out the fact that this is Dark Willow and not Evil Willow. I would have changed it to Dark Willow, but I forgot to save the .pdf and couldn't make a proper change. Thanks!

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Buffy - 67 impala

Supernatural Impala image help!!!!

Does anyone know of an image of the Impala from Supernatural actually in motion from the side view?  A screencap or something?  It has to be from the side.  Preferably a night shot, but I can manip.  I'm trying to do requests.
Thanks so much!!!! 
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