December 16th, 2010

twin peaks - happy laura

Santa Claus is coming to town...

For those of you who saw this the other day, feel free to ignore.  I am just reposting because I am pretty much on vacation from now until Tuesday, then I only have three days next week to "work" and I'll be off until January.  So I'm going to post this time and then probably one more time before Christmas.  I want to make sure everyone sees it so I get gifts out for those that want them.

Since I am financially strapped to the point of not being able to even buy anything for my husband this year, I am doing artwork for everyone.  That includes my online friends because you guys are equally awesome.

I've already made gifts for the following people:


What I'm looking to do is either walls or headers for people based upon their favorite fandoms, ships, what have you.  So if you would like to receive one, let me know the subject and I'll take it from there.

Happy holidays!
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