March 7th, 2011

twin peaks - happy laura

Request Line...

I'm open for requests for walls. Doing art has kept me really happy lately and I love doing requests for you guys, so this may become a regular thing.


The first ten people that make requests, get them. After that, requests close, so please do not ask after that. They may open later, but for now, I can only do ten requests. You may only make one request.

Tell me your favorite ship. It can be of any fandom or real life ship or fake one that you simply adore. That's all you need to do. Except if it is something like a book that doesn't have an official cast, which in that case, I'll need you to send me a specific cast (aka: Katniss in Hunger Games = Hailee Steinfeld, and so forth). After that, I'll put my media player on shuffle and use lyrics from the first song to pop up as the lyrics in the art.

Note: If you make a request, please make sure to comment when I post your wall.  I didn't think I would actually have to ASK that, but there are people who haven't commented in the past when I have made them requests.  I tells me not only that you like your piece, but also lets me know you got it.  Plus, it's just common courtesy to thank someone who has made something for you.

CLOSED - Those of you with saved spots, let me know what you would like.  Thanks!

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