September 29th, 2011

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New piercing question...

Last time I asked about piercings on here, I got perhaps the best help of anywhere on the Internet, so THANK YOU,

I am planning on getting my left nipple pierced, but wanted to ask anyone who has one if it is a piercing that is a real bitch to heal or has some rather non-redeeming qualities about it.

Reason I ask is because, piercings are always different.  I have tattoos and they are easy once you get one because they all pretty much heal the same.  But it seems to me that piercings in different areas of the body heal different and act different and all that lovely jazz.   So I thought I'd ask.  And as far as the pain goes, I really don't care anymore about that.  I was all worked up about when I got my last piercing and realized it hurts, but the worst is worrying about it cuz it's so quick.

And thanks in advance you guys for your unbiased attitudes towards piercings and tattoos.  I swear, I go online to ask a question like this and there are so many ugly comments out there.  I saw a comment this morning where someone said that ninety-five percent of men hate nipple rings and only trailer trash have them.  Yeah, I beg to differ.  I know a TON of guys who find them really hot (my husband being one of them) and if you look back in history, there have been piercings of this nature back as far as the fourteenth century.  I personally like the look of just one.