March 5th, 2012

film - hanna speak

Again, for those request people...

All right, I'm halfway through the requests - WOO HOO!

So they will be up soon and then another line may be open for more.  My creativity kind of died for a while and then I forced it out the other night when working on some stuff for a friend.  That, and the husband is working late this week, so I'm alone and bored, lol.  :)  Gotta find something to do now that the creative housework (painting the new photography office) is done.

Oh, and I had to find another reason to use another Lisbeth Salander gif.  I need about 50 reasons because I love these gifs.

Oh, and just cuz I do LOVE Rooney's Lisbeth too, I'll add her as well, lol. :)  Damn, I'm hungry now for crappy fast food.

twin peaks - happy laura

Requests filled and more...

Here are your filled requests, with the exception of anniehunnam85 because she hasn't gotten back to me and I didn't want to screw up her request.  There are also some others I made, so enjoy!

- 1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- 2 Celebrities
- 2 Crossovers
- 1 Dr. Who
- 1 Lost Girl
- 1 Lost Highway
- 1 Secret Circle
- 1 Star Trek
- 1 X-Files

PLEASE DO NOT STEAL, REPOST, CLAIM AS YOUR OWN, OR SELL ANY OF THESE IMAGES.  This includes posting them on personal blogs, Facebook, Fanpop, Tumblr, Twitter, and anywhere else you can imagine.  They are for personal desktop use ONLY.  Thank you.


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