Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Oh, I don't BELIEVE this shit...

For those of you who were on my flist last year, you remember the horrid problems I had with the assholes that are Volkswagen.  Those not familiar with it, reference THIS.


We got a letter in the mail stating that VW is now extending their warranties on all the transmissions and valves.  These would be the same that cost me $6K last year, a large part of what has made me broke this year and a reason why I wasn't able to put $5K towards my student loans.

We're getting a lawyer.  Well, I don't think we need to 'get' one - we know the city prosecutor, which would strike fear into the hearts of that bastardly dealership more than just some everyday lawyer.  I just know they will not refund us the money for the shit we did last year on the first try.  I wouldn't push this so much, but it's not like, a hundred bucks.  It's $6K, not too mention the insane amount of emotional bullshit we went through last year.  It was VERY bad.
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