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Happy birthday to me!

Yeah, every year my birthday rolls around and the temperature drops about forty degrees and this year is no exception.  Yesterday, it was 45 degrees out and we were running around like we lived in the tropics.  What happened?  Currently, it is -9 actual temperature, -30 wind chill, with 30mph winds.  The only reason I didn't completely freak out this morning when I was walking across the parking lot to work was because my face froze.  So cold.

I did get some fun presents though.  My husband got me a Hello Kitty calender, a Hello Kitty organizer for work, a Hunter S. Thompson book, yellow roses with red tips, and a REALLY good Philly cheese steak sandwich.  Sweet...

And as for my birthday present to myself, my new Supernatural video "Cowboys from Hell" was completely messed up.  Unless you know the song, you probably couldn't tell cuz it just looked a little mixed, but for those of you who know the song and were nice enough to not say, "What the hell happened to that part of the song?", I had to fix it.  Funny story - I fixed it and uploaded it to YouTube this morning.  No one told me that YouTube had glitched on me and there was no sound.  So my mom watches it right?  She then tells me she loved it and her favorite part was "when he shot the girl in the head".  Well, I get an email from my sister, asking why there is no sound.  I call Mom and ask if there was any sound.  She says, "No, but it was still REALLY good!"  Total Mom answer.  I thought that was just great! Anyway, the good version is now on YouTube and is in the download.  The Imeem is not fixed yet.  It will be soon.  Let me know what you think of the new one if you get a chance.
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