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Real life stuff...happy for a change...

So my deal with VW? In an effort to avoid a class action lawsuit, VW has agreed to reimburse anyone who has had to pay for a new transmission or the valves surrounding it. That means, that if all goes well, I will get anywhere from $4K to $7K back in reimbursements. It's about damn time. This never should have happened. I was out of a car for three months last winter and went through emotional hell dealing with those people. I still will never purchase another VW or go to another Luther dealership after being treated the way it was. It was truly that bad. So karma is coming back to kick them in the ass.

Yesterday I got an email from my husband's ex (the one living in Denmark who is currently pregnant). Apparently she wasn't able to return my congratulatory email right away because she was in some accident that landed her in the ER. She hurt her back and head badly and when being pregnant...I wouldn't want to deal with that. Anyway, she was really pleasant to me and we talked, which was really nice. I don't like having these little ongoing bouts of hatred towards people. It's unnecessary and rips at me emotionally.

Okay and this is a REALLY strange story. It doesn't fall under the happy category. It's sad and weird. This morning I got a Facebook post from my sister asking if I knew the girl in the following story:

Yeah, I went to junior high and high school with this girl. We were both in the tutoring program and student council together. I dissected her frog (along with practically all the others) in our biology class. She was one of those pretty and popular girls in school. This is a total 180. You know when people start saying that they are God that something is up.

So yeah, that's going with me now. Exciting, I know...
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