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Artwork: Buffy, Castle, Crossovers, Merlin, Twilight, X-Files, and more...

- 1 Buffy/Faith manipulation
- 1 Angel/Willow wall
- 2 Buffy/Angel walls
- 1 Castle header

- 1 Dean/Faith wall
- 1 Dean/Buffy wall

- 2 Merlin headers
- 2 Angela/Riley headers
- 1 Angela/Riley wall
- 1 Rosalie/Emmett wall
- 1 Dream Team wall
- 1 Midnight Sun wall

- 1 X-Files wall

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The following pieces of art were made as Christmas presents for friends and are now being released to the public.  Enjoy!

Made for anniehunnam85 

Full Size
Title: Sex on Fire
Cast: Emmett and Rosalie
Words: Kings of Leon
Info: This wall uses Amber Heard as Rosalie. I used the coloring I did because it fit well with the imagery and the lyrics as well. The two of them are such beautiful people, I really liked the idea of making more of a firey wallpaper of them.


Full Size
Title: A Hold on Me
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: New Order
Info: Arting the Twilight dream team was an easy choice for me when it comes to Antonella. I used images from different films to manip the look of Emily and Gaspard. The lyrics seemed fitting for them as their relationship is so intense.

Made for applesyn 

Full Size
Title: The Burning Tree
Cast: Buffy and Angel/Angelus
Words: Funeral for a Friend
Info: This started out as an attempt to do a straightforward Buffy/Angelus wall, but I decided to show both sides of the relationship. I used the lyrics to express their feelings about the relationship and how tragic it is.

Made for aruna7 

Full Size
Title: You and Me
Cast: Mulder and Scully
Words: Nine Inch Nails
Info: This wallpaper is both a general X-Files wall and one that I feel represents Mulder and Scully's relationship. I liked the lyrics used here because the two of them are constantly being torn apart by the government's desire to phase them out, but they are always together.
Note: Aruna - I also have a textless version.  If you would like it, I can PM it to you. :)

Made for bre2004 

Full Size
Title: Strong Enough to Stand
Cast: Buffy and Angel
Words: Florence and the Machine
Info: I initially wanted to put more imagery in this wall, but I really liked the more simple look with the text. The song "Heavy in my Arms" is one that I feel reallly fits their relationship.

Made for dana_chosenart 

Full Size
Title: Girls on Film
Cast: Buffy and Dean
Words: Duran Duran
Info: This was not my original gift for Dana, but I liked this one a LOT better. I personally love the photoshoot of SMG that I snagged these images from, but I have never been able to use them properly. Then I decided to do this wall. Usually the Buffy and Dean stuff can be rather dark, so I thought it would be fun to do more happy and fun one.

Made for erin_nikki 

Full Size
Title: Eat Us Alive
Cast: Dean and Faith
Words: Otep
Info: This is a really different style of artwork for me because I used more negative space than usually. The coloring represents the more violent, firey aspect of both of their lives. The lyrics also express the same thing.

Made for failegaidin 

Made for niki1988 

Non-Text Header

Text Header

Full Size
Title: Escape
Cast: Angel and Willow
Words: Halo
Info: An Angel/Willow wall. I had a lot of fun with this one and really liked the way that the font turned out.

Full Size
Title: Till This Night
Cast: Angela and Riley
Words: William Shakespeare
Info: A wall made for the non cannon Twilight relationship of Angela and Riley.

Made for octoberland 

Full Size
Title: Only in Danger
Cast: Bella and Edward
Words: Edward
Info: I hadn't read any of Midnight Sun until I did this wall and I really liked the thoughts going through Edward's head durning this scene. My favorite part of this wall was the way the lighting turned out because it made it look as if Bella was the light that Edward needed.

Made for sweetfaithy 

Full Size
Title: Tranquility
Cast: Buffy and Faith
Words: None
Info: Another manip of Buffy and Faith, a favorite ship of both mine and SweetFaithy's.

Made for isthataquestion 

Non-Text Version

Text Version

Tags: buffy/dean, headers, manipulation, wallpaper: buffy, wallpaper: buffy/dean, wallpaper: crossover, wallpaper: faith/dean, wallpaper: midnight sun, wallpaper: twilight, wallpaper: x-files

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