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Sex, Drugs, and Writing Fiction...

 Real life post for nothing other than mindless updates and such...

This is probably going to be lengthy, so be prepared.  Mainly because it's late, I have nothing to do, and I'm kind of buzzed.

I have been working on voting for AFA all day.  I'm super organized and am one of those that is ten minutes early to everything, so I like to get the voting done ASAP.  I love going through the artwork.  There are so many pieces I have never seen and so many artists I have yet to discover.  Still, I am a total nerd for JJ and Signe.  It's not even funny.

It's 3AM.  LOATHE IT.  I'm Catholic.  If that doesn't already explain it, three in the morning is the anti-hour (because Christ died at three in the afternoon apparently).  Therefore, three in the morning is the hour when spirits and the devil are supposed to be the most active.  Check out timed horror movies sometime.  Example, Paranormal Activity.  All the REALLY strange shit happens within the hour of three in the morning.  I do my best to either be asleep or have someone awake with me at this point in time, but my husband and all my animals are sleeping.  Apparently smelling sulfur during this time is horrible.  Even if you don't believe it, it's a hell of a lot of fun if you write fiction.  Some times are worse than others.  Tonight is okay.  But some times when I am awake at this time, I totally freak out and hide with my face in my husband's back.  My poor Lutheran husband.  Had to marry into this crazy Catholic religion, lol...

Today has been a good day.  And that is saying a LOT considering the BluRay drive I have waited for forever completely DESTROYED my entire computer.  My Windows will no longer boot.  It sucks.  However, everything is backed up on my external TB and I have my husband's laptop for now.

This has probably been the best day since my layoff.  It's SO weird, I've only been unemployed for a couple weeks, but it feels like forever.  And it isn't fun either, like a lot of people would think.  So many people are telling me to collect unemployment for the year and write, but I cannot NOT contribute.  I feel useless when that's the case.  Even though I clean the house from top to bottom when my husband is at work, I still feel awful.  It's ridiculous.  My husband tells me that doing all the stuff at the house is contributing, but my brain hasn't really accepted that yet.  On Friday, I went downtown to an accounting temp agency and they loved me.  I got to talk to a guy from corporate Wells Fargo who is keeping my number for a position they are opening in a couple months, so here's hoping.  Honestly, all I want to do is get a good job in either L.A. or Seattle and get the hell out of here.

On a writing note, I'm writing a short story based upon the little sister of one of the secondary characters of my very large manuscript.  I have always loved it when certain authors connect their characters (Bret Easton Ellis, Stephen King) and have wanted to do that.  I have also read that getting some short stories published helps get my name out there to get the larger piece published, which is a main goal at this point.

I guess my final note is to say that I am going to start doing a lot of artwork that is more...I don't know how to say this  Honestly, and I don't think I'm alone here, I fall into the trend of arting what is popular because you know, that's what people want to see.  However, I made a piece this month based on the book "Invisible Monsters" and it has gotten a LOT of good reception.  lightthesparks especially made my day with super nice comments.  And to be honest, I didn't think I would get ANY comments on it.  It was something I made simply for myself because I really loved the book and I guess it showed.  So, you may be seeing some stuff that is a lot different than usual.  But it should be good at least, lol.

So, it's back to writing.  I always write so much better when I'm drinking.  That may sound awful, but seriously, look at really good writers throughout history.  They were all either drunks, drug addicts, or very mentally ill at one point in time.  Personally, I just feel that it makes me write whatever I feel, rather than sober times when I kind of hold back.

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