Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Three and a half day weekend

Ah, some vacation...lovely.

Due to the extremely poor service at our wedding and the fact that we nearly had to battle people to get our honeymoon suite.  The woman who coordinated the reception wasn't there (obviously, as it was about three in the morning), but was INCREDIBLY angry about it when we called her on Monday.  The server that did our head table was terribly rude to me and my bridesmaids and I take a lot when it comes to customer service because I've worked it and know it's a pain.  But she was just rude and we paid $20K for the room.  Her manager actually saw what she was doing and fired her.  So, the people in charge told us that we could have a dinner at their five star restaurant on the house.  So, I took a half day the other day, got my hair and makeup done, and we got dressed up and ate filet minion, calamari, salad, bread, and creme brule.  Yummy.  It's the last time I get to eat meat on a Friday for the next month or so due to Lent, so I went all out.

After this, my husband got all photography happy, hence my new default icon of myself.   I love how some of the photos turned out.

As of now, I'm working on a Hellraiser video for my  husband, an alternate universe evil Sam Supernatural video, and tons of more art.  Since my team didn't go to the Super Bowl, I still have tomorrow scheduled off.  So I get this long weekend.  I love it!

Silly one

My favorite

My model bitch poses

He was biting my hand, puppy teeth are razorblades!
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