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Twilight (Emily and Gaspard) & The Vampire Diaries Artwork...

3 Twilight (Dream Team) Wallpapers
1 Vampire Diaries Wallpaper


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A note about these walls.  They are walls made from my old fanmix inserts, so if they look a touch familiar, that's why.  Now they simply have wall size and have been doctored up with filters and text.

Twilight - Dream Team

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Title: A New World
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: Queensryche
Info:  There's not much to this one in regards to composition.  I like the lightening of Gaspard's eyes.  I was able to pull it off in a somewhat believable manner this time.  I personally really like these lyrics.  I think they fit the way Edward feels about Bella.

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Title: Stranglehold
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: Ted Nugent
Info: This song isn't exactly a lovey song, but I wanted to use it.  And I really liked these lyrics because they fit the whole immortal mold.  I am really half/half on manipulation.  It was a pain in the ass truthfully, but I think Emily turned out okay.

Full Size
Title: Droning Engine
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: Duran Duran
Info:  I like this one because I'm a big fan of negative space and this is the first time I think I really got it to work.  Oh, and if you say that the Volvo isn't the right model, do your homework.  It's the model from the book.  I personally loathe the fact that the cars are not a bigger part of the movies because I am a big car nut.  So I wanted to be sure to do something around the Volvo S60 R.

The Vampire Diaries

Full Size
Title: Animal Magnetism
Cast: Damon and Elena
Words: Scorpions
Info: Seriously, if you haven't heard this song, go HERE  and look up the song off my mix.  If you want a song that just makes you go running to have sex with someone, this is one of them.  It's GREAT.  Why it isn't bigger is beyond me.  ANYWAY, to the piece.  I loved how this fanmix insert turned out, so I decided to make a wall of it for those that like this pairing too.
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