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Photography Website!!!!!

 For those that do not know, my husband does a lot of photography.  He used to do fashion and music stuff when he was younger and just got really started in it again.  I created a website for him this last Christmas due to us not being able to buy gifts for one another, so he now has a place to showcase his photos.

Currently, he is working to get everything on there, which is kind of tough because he has stuff from the late eighties up until today, so the photos in the gallery are in no way all that he has.  He will be taking photos of Buckcherry on Saturday as he just got off the phone with their people this morning and is in talks with Katy Perry's people to get a pass to shoot her when she comes here as well.  

So if you want to see some cool stuff, check it out.  He is working on getting more for 2011 because the people that are accepting his work want the newest stuff he can get.  

Bear in mind, only the gallery is done for now.  I still want to write an 'About' page for him.


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