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New Artwork + Requests

 Here is some of my new art, including the request made the other night.  However, the Spartacus one is not done yet, so it isn't included.  

EDIT: The Spartacus wall has now been added. :)

Please do not steal my stuff.  Please do not post on FANPOP.
Comment either here or at my site.  Comments are love and they keep me going!

- 1 Faith/Sam Crossover
- 1 Stargate
- 1 Spartacus: Blood and Sand
- 1 Battlestar Galactica
- 1 Twilight (Dream Team)
- 1 Harry Potter
- 1 Nightmare on Elm Sreet
- 1 Eyes Wide Shut


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Title: Bulletproof
Cast: Sam and Faith
Words: Radiohead
Info: Made by request - I always tend to make Supernatural/Buffy crossovers with a real destructive quality. Rarely do you see a happy one. This is no exception. I really liked making the images black and white, but I wanted to add some color to it, so painting in the blue and red to show that there is SOME dimension to their lives and it's not all just hunting and slaying was fun.

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Cast: Bill, Alice, and The Masked Girl
Words: Hole
Info: Beware, people - there's naked breasts in this one!!! Made for SayJay's RISQUE challenge at Buffyforums. For those of you who haven't seen it, this is from the film, "Eyes Wide Shut". A lot of people don't like the movie, but I LOVE it. I remember when it came out, there was just this psychosis about how risque it was. I personally will never get why people get so worked up over sex and nudity, but whatever. I created the wall with darker colors and nearly obscured The Masked Girl because that was one of the major themes of the film: the dehumanization of human beings. Everyone was kept in masks and in the dark throughout incredibly intimate moments of the film. In this particular scene, I show when Bill comes back to Alice after he narrowly escapes the orgy. The reason he escaped was due to The Masked Girl sacrificing herself for him. I used the lyrics I did because I felt they not only showed the way she was sacrificing herself, but also showed how damaged everyone in the film was in their own way.

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Title: Destruction
Info: Made by request. I actually know nothing about Stargate, so I had to do some reading and did the easy and made this with the promos. I know that's kind of opting out, so I went and decided to make the nice background. I went with the more firey colors because from what I read, it seemed to be the state of their relationship. The same goes for the lyrics and title.

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Title: Glorious Nightmare
Cast: Chris and Freddy Krueger
Words: Unearth
Info: I made this after watching the BluRay of the remake of Nightmare again. I love this scene. I think it's so visually dynamic. And scary. Plus, I adore Katie Cassidy. She's SO cute! So it was a fun one all around. I wanted to make a lot of the images kind of transparent because she is fading from reality to a dream.

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Title: Howling
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: The Black Keys
Info: Another Emily/Gaspard Twilight wall. Sorry, but I love these two. They keep me adoring Twilight past the films. I was going to use a lot more stocks and images in this, but after using simply the two images of them, I really liked it this way. I'm not a big fan of how the font ended up, but went with it anyway.

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Title: Shameless
Cast: Kara and Sam
Words: Garth Brooks
Info: Made by request - again, I'm not too familiar with Battlestar Galactica, but I have seen a bit of it. I really liked how this one turned out. I used the one image of Kara and Sam because it was just perfect for what I wanted to express in the wall. Then, I found an image of her dogtags, which I read somewhere that she gave to Sam. Taking that into consideration, they seemed appropriate.

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Title: You Are the One
Cast: Ron and Hermione
Info: Another request, but I personally love Ron and Hermione, so you'll see more of these in the future. I was planning on using images of both Emma and Rupert, along with the still from Deathly Hallows, but this just ended up working so much better. I thought the particular still was really sweet and showed them in a really nice light, despite the sad circumstances of that book.

Full Size
Title: Set the Controls
Cast: Spartacus, Varro, and Crixus
Words: Pink Floyd
Info: I don't know much about this show, but actually just added it to my Netflix, so odds are that I'll be arting it more in the future.  So when doing the wall, I just kept in mind what I know about the historical time period and the strength of these men.  These Pink Floyd lyrics seemed to work out well, working with kind of a mental state I feel the characters would be in as warriors.

Tags: wallpaper: battlestar galactica, wallpaper: dream team, wallpaper: harry potter, wallpaper: movies, wallpaper: stargate, wallpaper: twilight

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