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And your requests have been filled...

Okay, BIG ol' request post!

First off, the majority of these were done in the past two days because I got some bad news. Anger brings out the muse, let me tell you.  I will be opening the line for requests again soon, so if you want one, keep an eye out.  So in no particular order, here you are...

10 Wallpapers
- 1 Angel Wallpaper
- 1 Being Human Wallpaper
- 1 Castle Wallpaper
- 1 Crossover (Faith/Jacob) Wallpaper
- 1 Fanfiction Wallpaper
- 1 Gossip Girl Wallpaper
- 1 Mortal Instruments Wallpaper
- 1 Rocky Horror Picture Show Wallpaper
- 2 Twilight Wallpapers

Please do not repost my work.  THIS MEANS FANPOP AND TUMBLR.  I have my own Tumblr where all of these are posted and you can kindly reblog.  Thank you!


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Title: The Deer and the Wolf
Cast: Faith and Wesley
Words: Otep
Info: This turned out WAY better than I thought it would because I really played with the colors and brushes a lot. There is a similar Faith piece coming out, as Wes was nearly the last thing added into it. I really liked these lyrics, even though if you have heard the song, you may have never heard them. They are whispered in the beginning.

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Title: Is There a Ghost?
Cast: Annie and Mitchell
Words: Band of Horses
Info: The fact that I pulled up the song "Is There a Ghost?" on my random play is just bizarre when I was working on this. I didn't know much about this show, so I went promo shots and used the pretty moon and other textures.

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Title: Pretty Little Thing
Cast: Castle and Beckett
Words: Cage the Elephant
Info: Another show I didn't know much about, but I looked up their relationship and found out the basics. I figured these lyrics fit nicely and really fell in love with the photoshoot, although it wasn't of the character of Beckett.

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Title: I Guess I'd Fear This
Cast: Faith and Jacob
Words: Ani DiFranco
Info: This manip was a BITCH to do, for some reason. It looks fairly simple, but it just took forever. I like how it ended up anyway, and the lyrics were fun, as Faith's character is kind of crazy and pair that up with a werewolf, well...

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Title: Secrets
Cast: Sadie and Alex
Words: Slipknot
Info: This is based on a fanfic, so it is ENTIRELY based around the summary I was given. Now I need to read the fanfic! But based on simply a piece, I really enjoyed the way text turned out and the coloring. Her photo was originally black and white, so it was giving me trouble, but I played around with it a bit and it turned out nicely.

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Title: So Far Removed
Cast: Dan and Blair
Words: Amy Winehouse
Info: I know VERY little but what I have read about Gossip Girl, so bear with me here. This was all thrown together from photoshoots and what I consider a really pretty shoot of just Leighton. I personally am really glad I pulled up "Back to Black" because the song is so good when it comes to a harsh relationship.

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Title: Your Roof
Cast: Jace and Clary
Words: Scott Weiland
Info: This one was REALLY fun to do, if not for the coloring alone. I love doing coupling from this series, because although I'm not a fan of books themselves, I really like the characters. Does that make sense? Anyway, I pulled up a modeling shot of Alex that I really like and a cute one of Emma and decided to go on the fun side of the their love versus the tragic side.

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Title: Lost in Admiration
Cast: Dr Frank-N-Furter
Words: Tears for Fears
Info: So, funny story - this movie was actually ON today after I did this wall! And I had never seen it before. I still haven't seen the entire thing, but I will cuz it just looks fun. And everyone has told me to see it. Onto the piece. I knew this would be pretty flamouant and fun because the from what I do know about the movie, it's crazy. So I just went nuts. And when I thought I was done, I just threw a whole ton of more stuff in there, such as the dot brushes. Those are fun!

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Title: It Never Heals
Cast: Angela and Riley
Words: Marilyn Manson
Info: Okay, I pulled up "Coma Black" for this one. LOVE the song, but it's more depressing than any I have used for this relationship. That's not really an issue for me because I'm all about the angsty stuff. So I simply made up this thing in my head where Angela and Riley are together, but since he is a vampire, he can't resist her wonderful human blood and that of the people around her. So in a move to save her (ala: Bella and Edward in New Moon), he leaves her, still breaking both of their hearts, nonetheless.

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Title: Until I Have You
Cast: Bella and Riley
Words: Ludo
Info: When I made this, I went to load it to my site and was like, I have NO Eclipse walls! And I figured this qualified. Since I'm not that huge a fan of the films, but still love the books, I feel the fact that I used the still from New Moon to show fear on Bella's part to not be an issue. I'm personally very happy with the way this one turned out, as I was quite irate at the time and was doing art to calm down. My emotion bled nicely into it because I feel I was able to encompass Riley's desire to kill Bella and her overall fear of her impending death into it. This song worked SO well too. If you've never heard it, it's called "The Horror of Our Love" and is just terrifying. Many people think it's about a vampire and I get that, but I feel it's more about a stalker/rapist. It's very frightening.
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