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Supernatural 3x11 - "Mystery Spot"

Just for the sake of those who have not seen this episode yet and for those where it hasn't aired, I'm posting this behind a cut.

Okay, holy fucking God!!!  Talk about extreme parallels.  At first, watching this, I was all worried about it being another one of the 'funny' episodes and was like, crap.  Um, then cut to the middle of the episode when Sam goes all Rambo and, hey, never mind that theory.

Being the type of person who loves the movie "Groundhog Day" I thought the early half was fantastic.  I mean, Sam had Bill Murray's character mimicked, which makes me wonder how many times the writers saw that movie.  The part where he was was calling things on the street, when he told the waitress that she needed to put in more time elsewhere, not to mention the catching of the hot sauce and saying everything Dean said.  That was all awesome. 

The later part.  Since it cut to a commercial following Dean's "death", I just figured Sam would wake up, perhaps in another day.  Then, the show came back on and Sam is suddenly cruising around, cutting bullets out of his flesh, sewing himself back up (hello, Anton Chigurh), and basically turning into a shell of a human being.  Why do I see just a load of new AU videos coming from that bit of scenes alone?

The overall message of the Trixter was just sad because we all know it's true.  I love the ending when Sam got up and hugged Dean when he realized he was alive.  The paralell with that shot and the one in "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2" was really on, in my opinion.

So, who's all for next week's episode???  I saw the promo for that and nearly wished I hadn't!  It's like George Romero looking.  Which makes me realize that it is going to be REALLY hard to wait until April to see what happens after that.  But, the one good thing is that there are more episodes coming up and the writers do a great job, so I have faith that they will not let us down.

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