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Character picspams...sort of...

Am I the only one who thinks that everyone in the first Twilight movie looked WAY better than the rest?  I wanted to ask around because one thing that makes me nuts about the remainder of the films is the way hair and makeup is done.  You would think that with films with such budgets that they could do better than this.  And it's not like it's tough to cast and make people look REALLY good.  Look at the vampires on True Blood.  They look beautiful and a lot of it has to do with good makeup.  

So here are my examples:

Okay, Alice looked pretty cute throughout, but I think her first look was what I thought of from the book. She's most 'pixie' looking in that one

Yeah...Jasper...he looked great in the first movie, but went downhill from there.

Bella looked amazing in New Moon. The other two were okay.

Great in Twilight and then, WTF happened?

Rosalie. As far as I am concerned, this is a lesson in how to do high budget makeup, hair, and clothing right. I really like Nikki, but they should have cast a real blond for this or done a better job. She looked good in Twilight though. I think it was the clothing.

Esme, why the black hair in Eclipse???

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