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Sisters: Chapter Two

Well, now that I'm finally back into this story, they're won't be these MASSIVE gaps in between posts.

Title: Sisters: Chapter 2

Previous chapters can be read here or on my LiveJournal, of course.

Author: Lady Manson


Story Overall Rating: R for language, violence, and sexual situations

Disclaimer: All characters, settings, and anything else included in the Buffyverse does not belong to me. All rights to these belong to Joss Whedon,
Mutant Enemy, Fox, and others I have failed to mention. This is not in anyway an intent to infringe on copyright.

The actual story and putting together of all of this stuff in this way is my creation, so I ask that you not steal it and claim it as your own work. Thank you very much. Feedback in both the form of comments and constructive criticism is both welcome and appreciated. Negative feedback and general trolling is not and will be deleted immediately, so please do not waste your time or mine.

Distribution: Please do not distribute anywhere without first contacting me.

Pairing: Dawn/Angel


Warnings: Language

Feedback: I love it, so please send some! Only positive and constructive criticism please!

Note about time: This is kind of a mixed up story timewise. I can't say it takes time in any particular season because that wouldn't make any sense. So, I have all the Season Five characters in here as far as the Scoobies go. Joyce is still alive and Angel never went to LA. Dawn is older by a year than she was in the show. I think that's it. It is a completely made up time by me. Bear that in mind and you won't get confused. It doesn't follow the show at all.

For being a weeknight, The Bronze was packed. It was mostly people her sister’s age, but it didn’t bother her. It’s not as if she was looking for someone. They had been dancing for what seemed like hours and by ten, everyone but her and Willow had sat down to enjoy some drinks and rest their feet. She was more than happy to enjoy being treated like less of a little kid by those around her and was having a great time. That is, until she felt someone tap her on the shoulder.
She turned to see someone she knew from school. She had passed him several times and perhaps even had some classes with him, but his name eluded her. She knew he was on one of the sports teams, but she wasn’t sure which until she saw the basketball patch on his letter jacket. That was when her eyes flew to the name sewn onto the front of the jacket.
“Brandon, hi. What’s going on?”
She continued dancing with Willow, as she didn’t really feel like dancing with anyone else that night.
“You want to dance?” he asked, nicely.
“Um, sorry, I’m a little tired out…”
“Oh, Dawnie, got ahead and dance. I need to spend some time off my feet anyway,” Willow said, practically pushing her in his direction.
“No, I think I’m good right here…”
It was too late. Willow was already on the couch, sharing a drink with Tara. Dawn sighed.
“Okay, one dance. I really need to sit down too.”
It wasn’t as if dancing with him was the worst thing that could happen to her. If it wasn’t for Angel, she would be more than obliged, along with the rest of her high school female population. He was about as attractive as they came, dark hair with the dark eyes to match, she couldn’t help but feel a little giddy, knowing that any of the girls she knew that were there that night were glaring at her in jealousy. Maybe it was that which made her continue to dance with him for three songs longer than she wanted. After that, she honestly did need to stop and rest.

Standing in line at the bar to get a Coke, she turned to see what the rest of the group was doing when she noticed one of them was gone. That was when she saw her short, blonde, Slayer of a sister walking out of the club, hand in hand with Angel. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Had he seen her dancing with someone and gotten the wrong idea? Is that why he was leaving with her? Suddenly, all the positive energy she had felt upon entering the club seemed to drain from her body. She just felt numb. He didn’t love her, she knew that much, but it didn’t stop the feelings of jealousy and anger from rushing through her, making her clench her hands into small fists. It took everything in her not to make a mad dash for the door and wrench her sister away from him. Instead, she simply stood still, staring at them, but trying to remain calm. She couldn’t allow anyone to see how upset she was.
That was when Dawn’s conscience mind decided to snap back into reality and noticed that the bartender was giving her what could be interpreted as a dirty look.
“Yes?” she asked, stupidly, wondering what she had done.
“Your drink? What would you like?”
“Oh, um, just a Coke, please,” she ordered quickly.
She wondered how it was that he even understood her. The fact that the music was playing so loud led her to believe that he had just begun how to read orders off of people’s lips. She paid for the drink and threw it down her throat so fast that she felt the skin of her throat burn. More than anything, she just wanted out of the club. Without any regard to the worry she may cause the others, she walked out of the back door of the club and into the alley. It wouldn’t take long for her walk home, but the shoes she was wearing were killing her feet. Not to mention the fact that they were driving her a bit crazy with their clicking on the road as she walked. She was just about to approach the street, which was much lighter than the alley, when someone stepped in her path.
“Excuse me,” she muttered, not feeling up to being all that polite.
The man didn’t budge. She groaned, frustrated.
“Look, I need to get by. So could you just move-“
Before another word could escape her lips, he knocked her into the brick wall of the club, causing her to hit her head, hard. She put her hand to it, thankful that it wasn’t bleeding. Although it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise, she still gasped when she saw fangs protruding from his mouth. Thinking fast, she grabbed a small bottle of holy water she had learned to keep in her purse and splashed it in his face. There was a sizzling sound like that of water pouring onto a grill followed by a deep growl.
“You little bitch, look what you’ve done to my face!”
Even in the dark, she could see that she had done a number on it. No doubt it would heal soon. Not allowing her to get any more on him, he knocked the vial onto the ground where it smashed into tiny pieces. Dawn looked down in dismay and then went for the alternate plan, which would be to run like hell. He wasn’t about to permit that option, for the second she moved was when he grabbed her, pinning her against the wall. No matter how hard she squirmed and tried to get away from him, she hardly made an impression. He grinned at her for a moment and then went straight for her neck. She barely had time to open her mouth to shout before she felt him turn to dust .
“Dawn, what are you doing out here?”
Dawn found it amazing how her sister barely batted an eyelash when it came to killing demons. She hadn’t even tried with that one. It had just been a simple staking when he wasn’t looking. Buffy was staring at her with concern and some annoyance in her eyes. Behind her, stood Angel, trying to avoid eye contact. She wondered why.
She really needed to work on her lying. It was becoming worse with every passing day.
“I don’t need to remind you where we live! You know full well what is out here at night!”
She rolled her eyes, not wanting to hear the same speech for the hundredth time in her life.
“I just came out for some air. Give me a break.”
“Air? In the alley? What’s wrong with outside of the front door?”
Dawn didn’t want to listen to her anymore, especially considering she was the reason she left the club in the first place. She turned to leave and felt one of Buffy’s super human strength grips around her forearm.
“Let go of me!” she yelled, tearing her arm from her.
She tried to walk away, but Buffy wasn’t about to let her get away. She stepped in her way, standing firmly, with her arms crossed in front of her chest.
“I’m not letting you go down the alley. What is wrong with you? Go back inside.”
She stared at her for a moment, then glared over at Angel, who knew at that point why she was upset. When she didn’t get a response from either one of them, she just scoffed.
She stormed past both of them and back into The Bronze. The loud music greeted her with a start, but she shrugged it off.
Somehow, amongst the mist of everything going on in the club, she heard someone speak her name. She turned to see Tara standing by the bar, a look of concern on her face.
“Are you okay?”
Dawn said nothing, afraid that if she did, her true emotions would show. Instead, she looked down at her feet. Knowing Tara though, there was no getting away from her. She was like a mom with the way she could read everyone like a book and instinctively know exactly what to say. Still, she kept silent. She didn’t even see as Tara left the bar to grab her by the wrist and sit here down on a chair across from her.
“What’s going on?”
The concern in her eyes was killing Dawn. She wanted to tell her everything, but she knew she couldn’t.
“Can we just go home?” she asked in a voice hardly above a whisper.
Somehow, Tara heard it and simply nodded.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired,” Dawn practically shouted back over the din of the music, just before she smiled perhaps the most phony smile in existence. She knew Tara well enough to know that the one she shot back at her was just as fake. Dawn knew she could tell that something was wrong, but was never one to really push.

She closed the front door after saying goodnight to everyone. Buffy was still out on patrol, which was nothing new. She wouldn’t be home until much later. The house was dark. She quickly kicked her painful dress shoes off and placed them in the front closet, grateful to be in her comfortable bare feet. Tired and upset, she quickly made her way upstairs and towards her room. Hoping she wouldn’t wake her mom, she stepped into the shower, wanting to wash the makeup off her face and all the product out of her hair. The hot water had its own way of being soothingly as well and she was able to forget her problems momentarily in there.
After toweling off her hair, she quickly put on her large Sunnydale sweatshirt from school and a pair of pajama pants to sleep in, feeling much more comfortable than she had in the past few hours. It even helped the events of the evening a bit and she was able to calm down about things. Walking down the hall to her room, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She didn’t like to spy on people or snoop around, but she couldn’t help it. On her sister’s bed was a journal and out of the two of them, Dawn was the one who kept all the journals. She had never known her sister to write down any of her feelings. Curious as she had ever been, she went into the room and quickly grabbed the small notebook.
Although she felt like a complete loser, she went back to her room, switched on the light, and slumped onto the bed, eager to look at the journal. It was nothing too special, simply a typical notebook one would use for school with a blank blue cover. She flipped it over, only to see the cardboard backing littered with Angel’s name, amongst various hearts and other doodles. A feeling of dread overcame her at that moment that she was unable to really explain. She couldn’t help but stare at the lettering in anger, then felt tears rolling down her face that she didn’t even know she was crying. In a moment of sheer rage, she scanned through the pages, which were covered in writing she didn’t even bother to read, and started tearing them out by the fistful. The thought that Buffy would at one point wonder what had happened to it didn’t even phase her. Throwing the remains in a garbage can by her desk, she laid back down on her bed, her face covered in tears.

“Hey, Dawnie…”
She opened her eyes and realized she must have simply passed out, as her hair was still damp and uncombed. Luckily, it was still dark out so she had a few hours to put herself back together before going to class. There was a breeze coming through the window which was actually making cold because of her wet head. She rolled over to go to close the window and ran her lowered head directly in Angel.
“What have I told you?!” she gasped, after her initial shock wore off.
“Sorry. Believe it or not, I do try not to scare you.”
She yawned and stretched as she closed the window.
“What are you doing here?”
“Watching you sleep.”
“Okay, you realize how incredibly creepy that is, right?”
He considered that for a moment, then said nothing. The two sat in silence in the dark room until Dawn crawled back under her covers, but unable to sleep, reached for a comb to run through her messy hair.
“You probably are pretty mad at me now.”
“No,” she lied, staring at the blanket on her bed in an effort to avoid eye contact with him.
“Yeah, okay. Look, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but obviously you’re taking this a lot harder than I thought.”
She scoffed, unable to believe what he was saying. Not wanting to satisfy him with an answer though, she continued combing her hair. Annoyed, Angel snatched the comb from her hand and threw it to the floor.
“I’m sorry, but what was I supposed to do?”
Dawn was tired, angry, hurt, and feeling ugly, so it probably wasn’t the best time for him to be pushing her buttons. She turned to him, a glare on her face.
“Gee, I don’t know, Angel. Maybe you could keep your hands off my sister!”
It was becoming more difficult to keep up with the volume of her voice, as she was terribly angry at that point, but risking waking up anyone in the house would cause some serious problems. Her anger quickly turned from that to sadness again though and she felt tears well up in her throat. She turned her face from him quickly, as looking at him was only making things worse.
The feeling only increased when she felt him sit beside her and hug her tightly. She couldn’t turn her head to face him. She didn’t want to cry anymore.
“I’ll tell her, okay? I’ll tell her.”
“No, you won’t, “ she whispered. The end of her sentence was completed with a small sniffle.
“Yes, I will. Just calm down and go back to sleep.”
She grabbed the towel that she had earlier left on the floor and wrapped it around her head in a weak attempt to make her hair somewhat presentable. Before she could protest in anger or any other form, Angel was beside her with his arms wrapped around her in an effort to keep her from crying again. Not caring about much else, she took what she could get and closed her eyes, not looking forward to the sunlight.
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