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Supernatural wallpaper tutorial

All right, I have been asked about this for about a thousand years, so I might as well post one of these for those who are curious.

Here is the tutorial to create the following wallpaper:

Here are the basics you will need for this:
Photoshop (I made this in PS7, but it seems pretty translatable)
Texture 1 - from Misplaced
Texture 2 - from French Hobbit
Stock 1 - from Caustic Stock
Stock 2 - from Caustic Stock
Stock 3 - from DreamStock
Gradients - from Misplaced
Ruby Image - from my own collection

Images and such
-Okay, to begin, open up a 1024x768 project in Photoshop and fill it with black.
-Copy and paste this texture into it.
-Copy and paste this stock image and set Opacity to Soft Light - 62%
-Copy and paste this stock image and set Opacity to Overlay - 100%
-Copy and paste this stock image and set Opacity to Normal - 37%
-Copy and paste this image of Ruby
-Mask around Ruby so that she is all that remains in the wallpaper - I like to use the masking tool, but you can also use the Eraser, Pen Tool, and others
-Copy and paste this texture and set Opacity to Screen - 61%
-Mask around Ruby

Gradients and coloring
-Apply a Hue/Saturation layer - set the Saturation to -10
-Mask so that Ruby is left colored different than the rest
-Apply this gradient and set the Opacity to Overlay - 100%
-Apply this gradient and set the Opacity to Soft Light - 100%
-Apply this gradient and set the Opacity to Hard Light - 70%, set the Fill to 64%
-Mask out Ruby so she is not affected by the coloring of the gradient
-Apply this gradient and set the Opacity to Normal - 55%

Flatten the layers

These are awesome effects I learned from mysteryof  , they rock and help me out a LOT.
-Duplicate the layer.
-Chose the duplicated layer. Go Filter , Other , High Pass, Radius 7px. Set this layer on Hard light.
-Go Filter, Noise, Median, Radius 70px. Press Ctrl + Shift + F and chose 50% opacity.
-Go Filter , Blur, Smart Blur, Radius 3.0px, Threshold 7px. Merge layers.
-Go Filter, Blur, Smart Blur, Radius 3.0px, Threshold 3px.
-Go Filter, Artistic, Paint Daubs, Brush size 2, Sharpness 2, Brush style – simple. Press Ctrl + Shift + F and choose 30% opacity.
-Go Filter, Noise, Add noise, Amount 1, Gaussian

Flatten the layers again

Some text advice - if you are doing several lyrics, I suggest using more than one whole line as the lyrics because the PS defaults tend to all look the same. You can make your art look more unique if you don't use defaults.

-Ruby - Rage Italic, size 100, color #D2BF9D, Drop Shadow
-fight the good fight - Garamond, size 30, color #FFFFFF
-all your life you've been waiting for your chance - Garamond, size 30, color #FFFFFF
-where you'll fit into the plan - Garamond, size 30, color #FFFFFF

-Here is the .psd file for those of us that like those. Also included is this, the one that includes text. Thanks!

Enjoy!  Also, if anyone knows of any places I can post this, let me know, as I only have one place and I know people like tutorials!

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