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Piercings, anyone?

 Okay I just HAD to post this...

So I'm thinking of getting my nose pierced.  Just the nostril. I really am into that pretty little jewel in the nostril look.  I don't really care about pain, I mean it takes what, less than a second really to shove the needle through?  But curiosity always gets the best of me and I end up looking things up.

Now, I have my lobes done three times, the helix piercing (the cartalidge on the top of the ear, which I LOVE), and my belly button.  Out of all those, the belly button bothered me the most, but again, it took less than a second.  By the time I was done flinching, the pain was gone.  

So I look all over online.  I swear, people must be using unprofessional manners to pierce themselves no matter how stupid that REALLY is.  I read of people who found the helix to be the most painful thing ever.  That was my least painful piercing, considerably less painful than even my lobes.  Then I've got people saying their belly buttons hurt so bad they threw up afterwards.  WHAT???  My sister has all kinds of unconventional piercings including a clitoral one.  That's the nerve of all nerves right there.  I talk to her about piercings and she hates nostril ones, so she has no advice on that.

I figure the only thing that works me up is worrying about the pain.  Well that, and seeing the damn needle.

I thought I'd see if anyone on here has their nostril done (by a professional with a needle, not a gun) and see if you had any advice.
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