Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Piercings, anyone? Part Deux.

Just went and got  my nose pierced.  I'll post photos later when it looks a little better, but yeah, I love it.  It is a little diamond looking jewel that sits atop the nose.  I don't know if my pain threshold is higher than others (or maybe I'm just used to needle stuff with all my blood work I have done), but it barely hurt.  The guy who did it was SUPER nice and made me really comfortable when I got it done.  I didn't need to hold anyone's hand or anything, I went all by myself.  That's big for me cuz I'm kind of a chicken shit about this sort of stuff.  So hooray!  It was my little prezzie to myself cuz I got my first tax rebate in three years this morning (when I married my husband, his business owed the government money, so since I was married to him, the government used all of my rebates in addition to his and his business partner's to pay for the debt.  Yep, the business owes me about $10K).  So this was nice.

For those of you that post on Facebook DO NOT MENTION THIS UNTIL TOMORROW IF YOU DO!!!  My husband is on there all day and I'm going to surprise him when I get home because I never do this stuff alone (as mentioned above, lol.) :)
Thank you VERY MUCH to all you guys who commented on the prior post regarding this subject too.  It helped a lot! *hugs*
On another note, I'll be going to see My Chemical Romance tonight.  I got this cute little rock and roll outfit I'm going to wear (I LOVE dressing up for shows), so this piercing should be a nice addition.
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