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Requested know, finally...


Yeah, I know, it's been FOREVER. Real life is a serious pain sometimes. So is a lack of a muse. Either way, here are your requests. I hope you enjoy them.

- 3 Twilight Wallpapers
- 1 Stock Wallpaper
- 1 Crossover Wallpaper
- 1 Kellan Lutz Wallpaper
- 1 Merlin Wallpaper
- Alice (SyFy) Wallpaper 


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Title: A Story
Cast: None
Words: None
Info: A stock art piece based on books. The lighter colors were set to make it brighter than most of my pieces, as well as the butterfly.

Full Size
Title: Come Softly to Me
Cast: Angela and Riley
Words: Duran Duran
Info: I was running out of images to use for the Angela/Riley pairing that were more Twilighty, so I went with the various photoshoots. Christian looks beautiful in this one, so I wanted to use it. The lyrics I used gave it kind of a tragic feel, as I wanted it to seem as if her life was hard before meeting Riley. The dark colors were meant to imply the same.

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Title: Drain the Night Away
Cast: Jasper and Alice
Words: Deftones
Info: Wow, this one...okay, this was REALLY experimental. I was working on a Jasper/Alice piece for days before this finally came about. The lyrics made me think of the darker side of vampirism and it seemed a fun side to show with them. So I used the burnt looking colors and the creepy, yet pretty, fonts.

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Title: Sunspended Animation
Cast: Alice and The Hatter
Words: None
Info: I didn't feel this one needed any text. It just wasn't working. I like the overall magical look of it with the coloring and textures and really liked it without words.

Full Size
Title: All I Need to Find
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: Live
Info: Yeah, you will very rarely see such a bright image from me. It's a pretty standard Edward/Bella piece. I love the meadow scenes in Eclipse. Is it just me or does the thing look different in each movie? I used really soft colors and the script font for a more romantic feel. The blurring was also utilized for the same reason.

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Title: The Eyes of Fools
Cast: Dean and Olivia
Words: David Bowie
Info: I love doing art of really unconventinal couples. With this one, I chose both serious and happy looks for both to show both sides of of the non-canon ship. I used these particular lyrics because this song always reminds me of a girl that appears plain on the outside but has a lot to offer the world, such as Olivia.

Full Size
Title: The Story
Cast: Kellan Lutz
Words: Stone Temple Pilots
Info: Not much to this one other than the lyrics are there to impress upon people part of the celebrity lifestyle.

Full Size
Title: Cumbersome
Cast: Morgana
Words: Seven Mary Three
Info: Merlin piece based on the character of Morgana. Due to her dark nature, yet incredible beauty, I went with the dark red coloring and pretty stocks. I used the lyrics I did do show her darker side.

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