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Hackers SUCK. And so does crappy website support...

This is one of those wordy posts, so feel free to skip...

I feel really crappy right now.  My website got hacked and so I went to do updates to the Coppermine galleries (as was advised by my host because older versions can cause bugs) and when I did the update on my screencap gallery, it got all fucked up.  Now I get an error whenever I try to open up any of the albums and it is not really descriptive.  It just states that 'There was an error while processing a database query'.  So I went back to my host and they tell me that there is no way to fix it and that there are too many images in it for it to run properly anyway.  I know that's a bunch of crap because it was running perfectly before that stupid update.  And now the guy I was working with refuses to get back to me.  Since I know nothing about the inner workings of databases, I don't want to attempt to fix it myself because I don't want to make things any worse.

After this and my hard drive crash about a month back, I feel like I should just give up on the whole website thing.  And I hate that because it is what keeps me going ever since I got laid off.  It is what I do since I have no job right now.  It keeps me from feeling insane or less than nothing.  
I personally just really hate the feeling of letting people down.  I have lots of people that look at the gallery and get caps and now are asking me what is going on with it.  I'm going to be losing people because of an error not of my own.

So I don't know what to do...

EDIT:  So, much like everything else, the minute I bitch about it, I GET IT WORKING!!!!!!  I went in and repaired the damn database myself without the help from the host!!!!  SO HAPPY!!!!
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