Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Just caught up with the second season of The Vampire Diaries...

Cuz I have no patience and I love watching it all at once.  Here are my thoughts so far.  They're behind a cut in case other people haven't seen it yet.  These thoughts are in no particular order.

1.  So far, I liked the first season better.  Not sure why.  I just do.

2.  How much more badass would it have been if the audience would have been made to believe that Bonnie was dead until she came to kill Klaus?  I would have liked that SO much better.  It would have been easy enough to work around the Bonnie stuff in between her fake death and her going after Klaus.

3.  What is it with everyone really liking Katherine this season?  She's a TOTAL BITCH.  

4.  I wasn't a big fan of Rose until the last episode she was in.  CW just has their way of doing that to Lauren...

5.  I thought I would hate Caroline as a vamp, just due to all the people fawning all over her online.  So not true.  She is now one of my favorite characters.
6.  Why did Jenna have to die?  I mean, they have all these magical little loopholes to save just about everyone else.  Was it really necessary to off the only real parent (and by real parent, I don't include Isobel and John) Elena and Jeremy had left?  Plus, how awesome would it have been for Jenna and Elena and all them to bond over her being a vampire?
7.  I found the music to be a bit much this season.  My husband pointed this out to me and it has started to make me insane.  Have you noticed that there is music in EVERY single scene in this show?  VERY few don't have music in them.  And although I liked some of the lyrical stuff, I found a lot of the songs to be very badly placed.  There were too many rather upbeat songs in areas I found deserved ones that were, I don't know, sadder?  Probably not the right word, but I think you get it...
8.  What was with Damon keeping that little pet of a reporter for over half the season?  Really?  I think I could have dealt with it if she hadn't been SO prominent in that one episode where they went to the apartment Katherine was in.  That really annoyed me.
9.  Why are there SO many people bitching about Elena this season?  I don't get that AT ALL.  She was willing to sacrifice herself time and time again for those she loved.  She was all crying about everyone she loved getting hurt because of her.  Um, who wouldn't feel like shit?  I sure as hell would!  She's human.  She's losing everything she loves simply because she exists.
10.  And because I should shut up and wrap this up at 10, who else wanted Elena to turn into a vampire?  I WANTED IT SO BAD!  I still don't understand why John dying made it so that she wouldn't.  Or if it really did.  If she isn't going to be a vampire, why did it say in the letter from him, "...whether you are reading this as a human or a vampire..."?  That whole thing went a bit over my head.
I'm not being bitchy.  I still love the show.  It is my Supernatural substitute since that show let me down SO badly.  And I feel I'll enjoy this one for a long time.  But I just wanted to get my feelings out there, especially since I haven't been watching each episode each week.
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