Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Sick...feel like shit...

So here's my weekend...

I had a super long hard week because it's our year end and anyone who works in finance knows what that is like.  It's two weeks long and on Friday, I was done with the first.  So I went out after work and had a couple drinks.  Well, about an hour later, I got these severe (I mean REALLY severe) chills to the point where I was just shaking and my husband said I was burning up.  I never get fevers.  I have had about four in my whole life.  When I get sick, it's usually just headaches, coughing, etc., but never fevers.  I finally fell asleep on Friday and when I woke up on Saturday, I was okay.  I went to get my extensions tightened and after that, I got sick again.  The bastard fever came back!  So I went home and went to bed. 

I've pretty much been asleep since then.  I decided that I would go to work this morning and they sent me home after an hour.  Flu.  It just sucks.  I can't talk and having been living on orange juice and ice cream for the past few days.   One nice thing is that when I am home alone, my little puppy cuddles up with me.  So nice to have a puppy when you're sick...
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