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Bunch of stuff...

Thank you to all of you that dealt with my sad little self the other night when I was all self pitying about my scar.  It is actually disappearing a lot quicker than I thought.  The aspirin masks are doing wonders!  The whole bottom half is already gone.

I'm doing an Eric/Sookie fanmix.  Personally, I've always wanted to do one and I've gotten requests to do one, so I figured, what the hell.  I have only read the first book and the first half of the second and cannot stand them due to the writing style, but I have read the recaps of all the books, so I know the story of Eric and Sookie in them (in as much as those recaps can tell).  Plus, I just like the idea of them in the show as well.  So it all works.  Oh, but this mix is going to be a little softer than the others I have done (if that makes sense).  Aside from my instrumental stuff, I usually have some heavier music in my mixes.  It started out that way, but I figure if it is well received, I'll do a heavier one as well. 

And finally, I'M GOING TO GERMANY!!!!!!  My dad and husband split the cost and bought me a ticket to go to Kaiserslautern to see my sister this coming Thanksgiving.  So I'm going to London first for like, a day and then I fly to Germany.  Now I just have to brush up on the German cuz due to me not having actual German conversations in years, the order is all mixed up on my grammar and I sound like the damn Google translator half the time.
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