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Lady Manson

Minnesota's second day of spring...

On Wednesday night, my best friend and I decided to go see the movie, "Funny Games".  I had already seen it and loved it, so she wanted to see it.  It is only playing in this little independent theater called the Lagoon here in Minneapolis.  Well, the theater is really small.  It's just one of those old movie houses.  We go there and there was a line around the block!  I was like, what is this?  It has NEVER been that packed and it was only Wednesday!  Turns out, there was a screener.  For those of  you who have been to screeners, you all know that you get the passes, but the passes don't guarantee admission.  Admission is first come, first serve.  Once the theater fills up, that's it.

We were standing on the street in line when the manager comes out and says that the screener is sold out.  A bunch of people grumbled off, all disappointed.  We were in line for tickets for a different movie, so we were waiting.  This lady walks in behind me and says, "Is Sleepwalking sold out?"  I told her yes, thinking maybe she hadn't been there when the manager announced it.  She gets all upset and STORMS over to the ticket booth and yells at the girl there.  The girl tells her that it's sold out.  They can't fit anyone else in the theater.  The woman complains that she has a pass and the girl points out that it doesn't guarantee admission.  She gets even more pissed and runs away to find the manager.  We get our tickets and hang out with the girls behind us who are going to the same movie.  We went to get popcorn and heard the woman bitching to the manager, who was telling her the same thing.  It was RIDICULOUS!!!  We then get in line to go into the theater and the woman is hassling the girl taking tickets.  Then people were telling her that they had friends in the theater who had their tickets.  She's like, "I can't just let you in for that."  It was so obvious they were making it up. 

We finally got in to see the movie.  We got in as soon as the lights went out.  Nine people walked out!  I could see that though.  Lots of people found it very disturbing.  I personally loved it, but I'm messed up that way.  My sister is going with me tonight because her and I both adore Tim Roth.  We have to see practically everything he's in.  So I called her and said, "Tim Roth's in a new movie, get your ass over here!"

I couldn't go to work today.  I woke up and went to brush my teeth.  I look up in the mirror, which reflects our small window into our backyard.  A FOOT of snow!  I love Minneapolis.  Yesterday I was driving around with the top down on my car, today I can't leave because the snow is up to my damn knees!  So here I sit.  I am watching all the seasons of 3rd Rock from the Sun.  Great show.
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