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Lots of new artwork...

Lots of walls. Same old, same old - please don't steal. Don't repost. All walls can also be found on my Tumblr. 
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- 1 Breaking Dawn
- 3 Sons of Anarchy
- 4 True Blood
- 1 Twilight (Dream Team)
- 1 Vampire Diaries


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Title: Guard
Cast: Bella
Words: Bella
Info: I made this because one of the things I love about the Twilight books is the CARS. And it’s sick that the movies mess up that aspect because they were a big part. I just know that the Breaking Dawn film won’t show the Guard (amply name the Guardian by the author, but to those who know, it’s called a Guard in reality). So I had to make at least one wall based on it.

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Title: Only One Face
Cast: Jax and Tara
Words: Jax
Info: Okay, after seeing this scene, how could you NOT want to art it? That, and how could anyone walk away from a relationship after hearing this? I hadn't meant for it to be so similar in color to my other SOA wall, but it just kind of happened that way. It had some sad undertones which pulled in those darker shades. The hardest part of this? The text. Took an hour and a half, so I hope it is appreciated.

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Title: Retaliate
Cast: Jax and Tara
Words: Massive Attack
Info: I had to do art of this scene cuz I just LOVED that stalker getting it. I wanted to show the before and after of the scene and color it accordingly. The before is red due to the rage and fear. The after is blue because I read that blue can symbolize accceptance, which I felt had a lot to do with this scene between Jax and Tara.

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Title: This Picture
Cast: Jax
Words: Neil Young
Info: This was made for neenj61, who is a big fan of Sons of Anarchy. Plus, I need more SOA artwork in my collection. I used the Neil Young lyrics because I feel they describe Jax well and the colors describe his shiftiness in moods.

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Title: Inside My Head
Cast: Jessica and Hoyt
Words: Radiohead
Info: This is from the newest episode of True Blood, a scene that made me really question Jessica. She glamoured Hoyt and I wondered how many times she had done it in the past. I used the coloring in this piece that I did because purple symbolizes transformation. I feel Jessica is transforming Hoyt somewhat in this scene, as his emotions change to her whim immediately.

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Title: Smell So Good
Cast: Eric and Sookie
Words: Eric
Info: I wanted to make a wall of the fourth season and this is one of my favorite parts so far, although I feel really screwed over by HBO that we had to wait three episodes to get to this point.

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Title: Sorry
Cast: Eric, Sookie, and Claudine
Words: Eric and Sookie
Info: Okay, despite the subject matter, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t have not laughed during this scene. The only real symbolism I went with in this one was the red tones to symbolize appetite and aggression on Eric’s part. I’m still not entirely happy with the way it turned out, but this is all right for now.

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Title: Thank You?
Cast: Eric and Sookie
Words: Eric and Sookie
Info: This is more of a simple, fun piece than most that I make. I really just liked this quote from Sookie. She seemed so confused. I used the different coloring to show the differences in their moods and feelings towards one another. It was interesting getting to simply use two images. I think this worked nicely.

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Title: Prom
Cast: Bella and Edward
Words: Bella
Info: Based upon the prom outtake that was not in Twilight, but can be found on the author’s site. I loved this one because it has the Vanquish in it (Hello, 007!). I used the dream team because a) I’m in a real dream team mood right now and b) it was an outtake, so was a true book thing. It was never in the films.

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Title: Can't Stand to Lose You
Cast: Damon and Elena
Words: Gary Walker
Info: I made this piece because I really liked the scene, but used lyrics instead of dialogue because I felt this scene could have been considerably better emotion wise. I feel the black and white really helps with the horror of it as well as the sadness.
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