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Some new stuff. Same old, same old - please don't steal. Don't repost. All walls can also be found on my Tumblr.

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- 3 Mulholland Drive Wallpapers


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Title: More Than Anything
Cast: Diane and The Hit Man
Words: Diane and The Hit Man
Info: Had to art the scene that set up an enormous part of this film. I didn’t think to put the sign in until the end. I wanted something to symbolize the act or the reasoning behind it and I was going to use something with Camille leaving Diane or choosing Adam over her, but the sign seemed to work better.

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Title: No Choice But to Die
Cast: Diane
Words: Stabbing Westward
Info: This was kind of a rough wallpaper to create as arting a suicide scene is REALLY tough on me, as I imagine it would be for anyone. But it is a very crucial moment in the film where everything that Diane has done comes to a head and her guilt overpowers her. I made sure to include the key as it is the item that she uses at the last minute to unlock the drawer that holds the gun.
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Title: Time to Wake Up
Cast: Diane and The Cowboy
Words: The Cowboy
Info: This film is all based up reality versus fantasy. This is kind of the moment in which the two collide and the audience is brought into reality. The Cowboy character, from what I have interpreted, isn’t really a character, rather a device. So he had to be used in this wallpaper because he is a large part of Diane’s mind. If you notice, you’ll see the scene with Betty and Rita is light and in black and white. Since it is part of the fantasy, I found it important to make it contrast with reality, so I made it black and white versus color.
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