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Some people are just bad...

So my trip out of town went really bad for some fucked up reasons.  I need some kind of support here cuz I feel awful.

How it starts - my husband got an interview in Chicago to interview the lead singer of Saxon before their first show in 26 years.  He is a huge Saxon fan, so this was really cool for him.  Months in advance, we've got him, two of our buddies, and a guy that my husband knows but I don't, going with.  We would stay in a little suburb of Chicago from Friday to Sunday.  I could have cared less that I was staying in the same room as the guys cuz they are all friends of ours and it saves a ton of money.

What actually happens is that the two guys we are both buddies with end up not able to go.  So we decide to go with the guy only my husband knows who seems like a nice enough guy.  He was driving, so Friday comes and I see that he has whiskey plates.  This should have been enough for me to say that I was just staying home, but I know lots of people who have them.  Granted, the people I know stopped drinking when they got them.  This guy did not, to say the least.

We get to Chicago and things are going all right.  There are a lot of things that already aggravate me about the guy, but I won't go into all of it to save room here.  In short, he's a chain smoking, alcoholic, egomanaical, kleptomaniac.  He steals EVERYTHING.  I have never seen someone do that in real life before.  So the Saxon show is on Saturday.  We find out that Helmet is playing in the city, so we go since we know someone in the band.  It was really good, but when we left, the guy we were with was completely trashed and had no clue what was going on.  He wouldn't tell us where the car was parked so we circled roughly ten blocks before finding it.

Next day, we get up, my husband does the interview, we go to the show.  I got shit from the guy we were with the whole time because I wasn't on my feet at the front of the stage the whole time.  Now bear in mind, I was still cheering and clapping and all, but  I was just sitting.  I have a bum leg from my stupid birth defect so I can never stand the whole time anyway.  Plus, I didn't know any of the songs.  After the show, we go across the street to a bar to get some appetizers and a couple drinks.  The guy we were with has vanished.  I figured he got arrested because he had decided it would be a good idea to steal the chair he had sat in at the show.  No joke, he stole the chair.  It was one of those that was just lined up before the show, not bolted to the floor.  He finally shows up and is completely trashed.

Since my husband was kind of floating around talking to people and such, I sat in the corner listening to music.  That's what I like to do.  I don't socialize well, so I just like to sit and enjoy my drink and listen to music.  Well, a guy who happened to be from MN started talking to me.  Really nice guy, he ended up talking to my husband too.  All was well.  Then he and my husband went off to get some shots.  All of a sudden, the guy we came to the show with comes over to me and starts in about me not drinking enough.  I'm like, "I don't want to drink too much.  I drank last night.  I'm just having a few tonight."  He tells me it can't be like the night before which prompts me to ask what he means by that.  He proceeds to tell me that I am a complete asshole.  I tell him to leave me alone and he keeps on and on with this to the point where I start to cry.  I don't want to be crying in a bar, so I get up and leave.  My husband, who wasn't on that side of the room at the time, catches on to this and finds me at the corner.  I tell him I just want to go back to the hotel, go to sleep, and go home in the morning.

We're about to do just that when the drunken jerk walks up and tells us he stole all this stuff including an autographed album insert from the guy I was talking to at the place.  He said he did it for my husband because the guy was "hitting on your girl" which was total bullshit.  Now I feel bad about this because that guy in the bar was really nice and didn't deserve that shit.  We go back to the hotel, my husband and him talk for several hours, and I fall asleep.  I wake up a few hours later to someone rubbing my side and chest, under my pajama top.  At first, I thought it was my husband after having too much to drink and just messing with me.  I open my eyes and, nope.  The guy we came on the trip with is standing right over me.  So I knock his hand off me and tell him to leave me the fuck alone.  He then stumbles back to the other bed.  I try to wake up my husband, but he can sleep through a damn war, so he doesn't get up.  I wrap all the blankets around my body and head so I can't be touched and go back to sleep.

I would have told my husband about this in the morning, but our way home is the guy's car.  So I slept in the backseat the whole way home.  Then I waited a good hour before telling my husband because he may have gone and broken the guy in half had I told him before he was basically settled in for the night.  I don't think the guy even remembers it, but I told my husband I never ever want to see him again.  I think my husband just feels really bad for letting me even near the guy.  I don't know what he's thinking about any of it now because we haven't said anything about it since I told him.  I just feel like shit.
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