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Mr. F**king Asshole got his...

For those of you that read my recent real life post, here's the update.  

After talking to my husband, we didn't really talk about it again.  Which sucked, but at the same time, he was dealing with a shit ton of stuff.  His mom just got foreclosed on.  It was his grandma's house that had been in their family forever and his mom just totally flaked on it, so he is super embarrassed about it.  In addition to that subject, he has to deal with his mom who is becoming older and less sane by the minute.  And I'm not saying that to be an ass.  It is just an unfortunate fact.  Also, his ex-girlfriend is back from Denmark to see their son for a month and we get a text from his son yesterday saying, "I can't believe I fooled myself into believing my mom was nice."  She is doing all she can to bring him to Sweden with her (she's moving to Stockholm in a couple months), but I don't see that happening.  The two of them just don't get along well enough.  They'd both go nuts.

So, I talked to my sisters and my best friend about it.  I haven't heard back from the older one (who works like a horse, so she probably just hasn't gotten the email).  My best friend wanted to gut the guy, but I wouldn't give her his name or address because i didn't want her in trouble.  However, my little sister is a different story.  She is a little firecracker.  Everyone calls her that.  She is the exact opposite of me.  She is the type of chick that goes out and literally picks verbal and very physical fights with people for the fun of it, so when she has a reason to do it, watch out.  Yep, she tracked him down via Facebook because of the photos of the trip to Chicago and emailed him.  I'm sure she would have just gone and physically kicked his ass if given the chance, but she lives in Germany.  

Anyway, my husband gets an email tonight and goes, "What did you say to Carrie this time?"  Apparently she just laid into the guy.  And she can be downright nasty when she wants to be.  It took me a while to convince my husband that she had to email him because she's out of the country because he said if someone had done that to his sister, he would have just gone to his house.  So I am just awaiting her phone call, hence my late hours. 

But yeah, I'm glad someone told him what a scumbag he is.  Since filing charges against him isn't an option since it's my word against his, this is the third best thing.  Second would be kicking him swiftly in the balls and face, which I'll do if we ever cross paths again.
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