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Doctor Who Wallpapers

- 2 Doctor Who

*I hope you guys know the drill by now, but if not, here goes. NO REPOSTING. That means no posting these on your Facebook, Tumblr, Fanpop, or any other areas of the net. I already have a Tumblr where they go, so as you people with Tumblr know, reblogging is always cooler.


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Title: Fish Fingers and Custard
Cast: The Doctor and Amelia
Words: The Doctor
Info: I’ve had this on my PC for about two months and finally just finished it. I found this to be such a sweet scene and really wanted to art it. I simply love Amelia and the girl who played her did such a great job. When I added some imagery to it, I found this leaf that I really liked. It looked very nice with the wall and I liked the idea of it being a symbol for the beginning of a new chapter in the show. The red and orange color scheme fits in with the whole feel of Amelia at the time and her need for attention and help.

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Title: Rose
Cast: The Doctor and Rose
Words: The Doctor and Rose
Info: Had to do an introductory piece. Plus, I just loved this scene and the whole way The Doctor just addresses it. You all know how much I love Rose at this point, so I really wanted to do a piece showcasing not only her entrance to the show, but the beginning of their relationship as well. The colors in it were used to really emphasize the overall madness and just chaos of the scene.
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