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New Doctor Who Wallpaper

- 1 Doctor Who

*I hope you guys know the drill by now, but if not, here goes. NO REPOSTING. That means no posting these on your Facebook, Tumblr, Fanpop, or any other areas of the net. I already have a Tumblr where they go, so as you people with Tumblr know, reblogging is always cooler. 


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Title: Wouldn't Have Missed It
Cast: Rose and The Doctor
Words: Rose and The Doctor
Info: Another Doctor Who piece. There will be many more and I'm kind of going in order of the series, so don't think I'm just working with Nine and Rose. I love this scene because I loved how angry Nine got when he thought Rose was dead. It really showed how much he cared for her and at that point, I didn't really know how the Doctor was with companions in general. This one is very dark because at the moment, they both thought Rose was going to be killed. I really like the negative space in this piece. I feel it adds to the overall darkness of the scene.
Tags: wallpaper: doctor who

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