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New Walls - Crossovers, Doctor Who, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and Harry Potter

6 New Wallpapers
- 3 Crossovers
- 1 Doctor Who
- 1 Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
- 1 Harry Potter



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Title: Lost You Today
Cast: Hermione and Bella
Words: Mine
Info: Those who know me know I'm a big femslash fan. One of my newest favs is Bella from Twilight and Hermione from Harry Potter. I honestly don't like how the two fandoms battle so much because I personally love them both, so I do catch some flack for this ship. However, I love them. This wall is obviously all angst. It's about them having to dissolve their relationship even though they both love each other very much. It's SO easy to do angst in crossover and ideal ships, I LOVE it! Anyway, there's a lot going on texture wise. I'm usually not a big fan of that with my own personal work cuz I usually can't pull it off, but I liked the feel it gave this piece.

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Title: The Golden Sands
Cast: Various
Words: Bush
Info: A crossover mix made via a LJ request. I didn't really know what to do with this one since the crossover is so different, so I kind of just threw everything in and made this. It was fun.

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Title: Sisters for Eternity
Cast: Various
Words: Title
Info: This was made via an LJ request and was a real fun one to make. I went with the way that a circle symbolizes eternity in positioning them.

Doctor Who

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Title: Violet Snow
Cast: Amy Pond and Vincent van Gogh
Words: Smashing Pumpkins
Info: This episode really got to me. I remember just crying like a baby at the end because suicide is a bad subject with me and it was a huge theme in this episode. I liked these lyrics. I felt they fit very well.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

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Title: To Make Me Feel Like I'm Alive
Cast: Lisbeth Salander
Words: Middle Class Rut
Info: Obviously a wallpaper of my former layout - I really wanted to make one because I love the layout and the film.

Harry Potter

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Title: Swap Our Places
Cast: Snape and Lily
Words: Kate Bush
Info: I am a big fan of dreamcasting because so much can be done with it. I personally LOVE the whole Snape/Lily ship in Harry Potter, especially since I told people since the beginning that Snape was a good guy, lol. They have such a tragic relationship. I like the idea of Karen Gillan as a younger Lily, so she is used in this piece. Personally, my ideal dream Snape before the films was Trent Reznor, even though he doesn't act, but I really love Alan Rickman as well, so he is used here. I decided to do the coloring on Lily in this piece because she was really the only light of Snape's life. After her death, nothing mattered to him anymore. So I faded everything else to black and white aside from her.
Tags: wallpaper: crossover, wallpaper: doctor who, wallpaper: harry potter

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