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Whole bunch of new wallpapers... :)

New Wallpapers
- 2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- 1 Harry Potter
- 3 X-Files



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Title: Dosed By You
Cast: Buffy and Angel
Words: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Info: I used the analogous colors of green, yellow, and orange for this wallpaper. I wanted to do a Bangel wall because I am on a total Bangel kick right now. Unfortunately with them, it's really easy to do a lot of tragic art more than anything, so I decided to do a more happy wall. The colors of yellow and orange often symbolize happiness and enthusiasm, and green is known for eternal life in the Japanese culture, which I really liked because of the eternal love aspect of the two.

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Title: Down the Road
Cast: Buffy and Angel
Words: David Lych (modified)
Info: I've been on a Buffy rewatch and really needed to do some new art of it. So, I went with the Bangel pairing, which I love to art cuz they are just so tragic, lol. I decided to go with the pairing of the complementary colors of purple and orange. I really like the darker looks with Bangel, such as purple and blue, and this just worked out really nice. Usually, I don't let the text run over the images like it does on Buffy here, but I really liked the placement for some reason. The lyrics are used to show how Buffy sees both happiness and pain in her relationship with Angel.

Harry Potter

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Title: After You Left
Cast: Hermione
Words: Harry Potter
Info: I personally really love the whole splash of color over a black and white image. It's one of my favorite types of art to do. I used this scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to show how sad Hermione was when Ron left. I looked up colors that represent sadness and mourning and found that purple is a color that is often included with a feeling of mourning. So I made the text purple. I really liked the text from the books. I don't remember if Harry actually said it in the films or not.


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Title: The Air Around Me
Cast: Mulder and Scully
Words: Slipknot
Info: This was created for a challenge based on negativity, so I utilized negative space. It can convey and immense amount of emotion in a piece, as far as I'm considered. In this piece, I used the X-Files because that show is just riddled with angst and other very strong emotion. The scene I used was one of when Mulder goes to visit Scully as she's dying of cancer. She's asleep and he doesn't have the heart to wake her, but instead sits by her bed crying because he feels he can't do anything to save her. I thought the usage of negative space really conveyed his feeling of overall emptiness and sadness without her.

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Title: Trust
Cast: Mulder and Scully
Words: Mulder and Scully
Info: This is one of my favorite episodes of this show because it shows Scully in such a vulnerable light. This scene is great and Gillian does an excellent job with it. I utilized these textures to show the chaos and way that her mind is really broken apart in it, due to the brainwashing implemented upon her.

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Title: When Your Soul Embarks
Cast: Mulder and Scully
Words: Death Cab for Cutie
Info: I went with the browns and greys for the earthy neutral colors. I looked up the meanings behind the colors and found that the brown can have to do with comfort and the grey has to do with old age and sadness. Personally, I find old age to be sad sometimes because I miss the past tremendously. I wanted to do a wallpaper of a fandom that has ended, so I went with my favorite, The X-Files. Mulder and Scully have the perfect kind of relationship and seek immense comfort in one another at all times. So I focused on screencaps in which each one found comfort in the other when Mulder was pulled out of the fire and when Scully was receiving treatment for her cancer.
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