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5 New Wallpapers and an Original Piece

New Wallpapers


- 2 Once Upon a Time
- 1 Original Piece
- 1 Supernatural
- 1 True Blood
- 1 Vampire Dairies


Once Upon a Time

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Title: Birds Will Sing
Cast: Snow and Prince Charming
Words: Snow White
Info: It's simply based on Snow and Prince Charming and I utilized the lyrics from the film "Snow White". I used a lot of fairy tale style stocks including the forestry and more, which I really enjoyed.

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Title: Someday My Prince Will Come
Cast: Snow
Words: Snow White
Info: This one is based simply on Snow and her longing for Prince Charming. Again, it has a lot of the fairy tale imagery and colors, which are so fun to use.

The following were made for a challenge over the the Buffyforums, hence, all the Coldplay lyrics, lol.


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Title: No Exit
Cast: Dean Winchester
Words: Coldplay
Info: Okay, this one was made to examine how Dean will never truly escape what he is. I'm surprised I even made this, as I don't watch the show anymore, but I loved the characters up to a certain season. I have been obsessed with the symbolism of water lately, as it mean several different things to different people, but symbolizes transition in many cultures. As I never see Dean's path changing, I showed the water cutting off him to the road that had no exit to it. No matter what he does, things will never really change for him.

True Blood

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Title: Come Back and Haunt Me
Cast: Sookie and Tara
Words: Coldplay
Info: This art is in regard to the very last scene of the last episode of True Blood. In it, Sookie walks into her kitchen to have a double barreled shotgun placed to her head by Debbie. Tara comes running in, just at the point of the shooting, sacrificing her life for Sookie and gets the whole side of her head blown off. She dies in Sookie's arms and that's where the show ends. Yeah, I'm still waiting on the next season too.
Personally, I always loved Sookie and Tara. They were best friends who had been through a LOT together as they had known each other since they were little. Although many people dislike Tara for her recent actions, she was viciously brutalized in recent seasons, which a lot of people cannot relate to in their own lives. And although she and Sookie have their fights, ALL women do that crap. They argue and then they come back and are always there for one another. It's what makes their relationship so wonderful and why this scene was so heartbreaking.
Technically, I used the grungy texture to establish chaos and a feel of things breaking apart. The use of brown and purple tones were used due to their use in mourning. The short amount of words may look to some to be kind of a cop out, but I feel that too many would have cheapened the scene. I really liked this line and felt it was really how Sookie or anyone in her position would feel at the moment.

The Vampire Diaries

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Title: Nobody Said It Was Easy
Cast: Caroline and Mr. Forbes
Words: Coldplay
Info: Okay, this is based on the scene in the last episode in which Caroline's father decides that he would rather die than become a vampire, which is what is going to happen one way or another. He and Caroline reconcile for what he did to her and she is sickeningly heartbroken by his decision. I mean, honestly, if it was my dad, I'd pin him down and force him to drink the blood. No way am I going to just stand there and let him die right in front of me like that. So granted, it was a rather emotional scene. So I found these lyrics to be utterly perfect for how both characters were feeling, especially when he told her that she had grown up just how they wanted her to despite the whole vampire issue.
On a technical note, I despise my text placement. I really do and I think it will hurt me more than anything. I needed those words to be in there and loved the fonts, but the placement is just OFF. No good.


This is an original piece done based on one of the model photos my husband did for American Photo in Chicago last year. I was playing around last night and just came up with it. It has a heavy logo on it for obvious reasons, but the one without the logo should be found on his website soon. He shoots models, concerts, sports, and more, so if one is curious, head over to RKH Images to see more.
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