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Dumb issues with dumb chicks...

So, big thank you to all of you who commented on my last post.  I do very much appreciate it.  

In regards to the issue, I got emails from one of my other friends, as well as her brother.  Her brother apologized to me, saying that she often did that when she was loaded and most likely was drunk again.  And he's SUCH a nice guy, which was why I emailed him in the first place because I love him and his girlfriend and consider them good friends.  He tells me that he and his girlfriend don't think anything of me that his sister said and then his girlfriend hops on the email and was all, "You're so fun, we just adore you!" which did make me happy.

So I went back to sleep (finally) around ten in the morning cuz I was still upset, but bear in mind, I was still sick and all drugged up.  I slept for a bit and woke up to my text messages going off.  My other friend didn't know what I was talking about in regards to the Facebook stuff, so I went on and found out that she had gone and deleted all of her nasty comments.  THEN, she sends me this 'apology' that states that (surprise) she was drunk when she wrote it, but she still considers me to be an incredibly negative person and feels that everyone in my life and online (this includes ALL of you guys too, btw) do nothing but coddle me because they are too afraid to tell me what they really think.  Then she says that I only go for jobs I am not qualified for and that I feel I am too good for things.

Let's all bear in mind this is a girl I see, like TWICE a year and it is only at parties and when she is WASTED.  She knows nothing about me.  She doesn't know about where I used to work or my education.  She also doesn't know that I have tried to get numerous easy retail and server jobs that are lower paying, but are work.  However, everyone is like, "Oh, you're too overqualified," which SUCKS.  But I'm not going to post on Facebook that I applied at Target, Caribou, Macys, Home Depot and more because a) no one cares, and b) I don't want to sound like that snotty bitch who is like, "I'm TOO educated to work at these places..."  Yeah, I wouldn't really consider that to be an apology email when you negate it entirely.  Then there's the fact that it was only sent after my husband told his business partner/her boyfriend about it.  So either her brother or my husband's partner told her to apologize cuz she wouldn't have done it herself.  

Out of all the people that did this, it sucks that its my husband's partner's girlfriend.  It creates this awful tension and my husband has NO idea what to do.  He wants to go tell her go fuck herself, but that could lead to worse issues.  
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