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New Wallpapers

New Wallpapers

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Title: And The World Stood Still
Cast: John F Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, and Lyndon B Johnson
Words: Marilyn Manson
Info: I have recently become very obsessed with the whole Kennedy assassination and the life of him and his family. And I SERIOUSLY don't need another historical thing to be obsessed with because there are already too many. WAY too many. Anyhow, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to utilize these archives.

As most of you know, I'm a huge Marilyn Manson fan as well. I have always felt these lyrics could be somehow related to the Kennedy assassination if you look at them closely enough. Actually, I think the whole album in which they come off of could, but in reality, it doesn't because it's a concept album about a character the man created.

If you know anyone who was alive when this happened, ask them about. You will be in for a STORY, I promise you. Everyone can tell you exactly where they were and how horrifying that moment was. I think it was regardless of political affiliation and more because the whole country was just chaotic. I have known about it since I was little because my mom was in high school when it happened and absolutely loved JFK. To this day, she can watch nothing that has to do with him because she starts crying. And she's not alone.

When it comes to the assassination, it is easy to first be entirely occupied with the conspiracy, however, I always think of Jackie. After JFK died, she refused to change her suit that was caked his blood because she wanted the world to see what had been done. I can't imagine how horrible that whole experience must have been for her, and then later to live in fear after her brother in law was later killed and she feared for the lives of her children. She was a widow twice before she was even fifty years old. For a woman of such prestige, I wouldn't have wanted her life.

So for this piece, I did it entirely in black and white, as I felt it gave it that older look for the times. The archives, aside for that of Jackie with LBJ were in color, but I changed them too. The rose is there in reference to both the lyrics and the roses Jackie held when she and JFK first got off the plane in Dallas. I wanted it to be in color as a symbol more of blood and loss than anything else.

To be clear on the lyrics used, I used the following for the following reasons.

"A loved one laid his head in her lap" - I feel refers to just before JFK was shot in the head, after being shot and laying his head against Jackie.

"Red roses fell to the floor" - the roses that Jackie received upon entering Dallas no longer holding any solid meaning, as well as the people watching falling to their knees in sadness

"And the world stood still." - the shock and sadness of everyone to this day.

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Title: In Return
Cast: Mulder, Scully, and the Cigarette Smoking Man
Words: Coldplay
Info: I have never actually heard this song. I just REALLY like the lyrics and feel there is a lot of room to work with them. In this piece, I used the house as a metaphor for the federal government, establishment, or what have you and burning down for killing. This piece is based on when Scully is brought back after being abducted.

For those not familiar with the show, Scully is abducted by aliens in the second season and mysteriously reappears one night in an emergency room. There are no records of how she got there, nor where she has been or why she is in the comatose condition she is in. She shows no sign of ever waking again and Mulder basically loses his entire word. He turns in his FBI resignation and goes to find the Cigarette Smoking Man, who is part of the group that knows what happened to her.

My main focus was on Mulder's anger in this piece, so I used the larger images of him pointing the gun at the Cigarette Smoking Man, as well as the image of the cigarette. For those unfamiliar (again), basically whenever there is a cigarette in the show, it's BAD news. So I had to put that in there. But I also wanted to put in the shot of Scully in the hospital bed at the bottom to show not only what was done to her, but also the reason for Mulder's rage and overall sadness.

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Title: Speed of Life
Cast: New York
Words: None
Info: This piece is for a challenge at the Buffyforums and is based upon an instrumental song, Speed of Life, by David Bowie. It can be found HERE. I feel if you listen to it and look at the piece, you'll get it. I am completely in love with New York City. I hope to live there in a few years, as I find it wonderful. For those who have been there, they know how fast it moves. That is the feeling I am trying to convey in the piece. It is actually just several layers of the same photos in different colors, blurs, positions, and more. It was fun.

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